Editorial: What Do Moms Want?

(Photo from Unsplash)

Mother’s Day is just a week away and compared to last year’s quarantined Mother’s Day, this year, shopping and planning a special day for your mom should be much easier. All of Cullman’s local shops and restaurants are open and eager to help you out, so no excuses!  

While gifts and a good meal are great, let’s talk about what moms really want-peace. Moms deserve a day without flexing their conflict resolution skills. We don’t want to solve problems or make decisions. On Mother’s Day, we are going to need you to figure that out for yourselves and if possible, do so with a calm, inside voice.  

A real treat would be a day with no eye-rolling, loud sighs or complaining. For most of the year, moms have been barricaded in the house with kids doing virtual school. Yes, it’s been tough on the kids, but it hasn’t exactly been a picnic for mom either. We’ve had to endure more than the normal amount of dramatic moments while trying to figure out Google Meets, Schoology and a plethora of terms we had never heard of prior to COVID.  

If your mom is a teacher, frontline worker or first responder, might I suggest observing the entire weekend as her’s. They have worn more hats this year that most can imagine and if the world wouldn’t fall apart, I’d suggest giving them all an entire week off.  

I’ll admit that Mother’s Day can be tricky, but in a nutshell, for one day, we want our role as mom to be celebrated while not having to perform that role. We want to feel loved and appreciated without having to do anything. We want to see you put into practice all that we have tried to teach you. It’s your day to perform.  

Moms are diverse and we have our own interests that too often get swept aside. The question presented is often, what makes a great Mother’s Day gift? Well, there isn’t an easy answer for that. By now, you should be aware of what your mother’s unique interests are and if you don’t, perhaps you should make it your mission to know. The best gift is anything that demonstrates that you are observant of what makes her happy.  

What isn’t an acceptable gift?  

  • Completion of a chore that you have repeatedly been instructed to do for months 
  • Cleaning products (some are cool, but we should be equipped with those without it being given as a gift) 
  • Breakfast in bed without cleaning the messy kitchen 
  • Any gift that acknowledges wrinkles, age spots or weight gain 
  • Kitchen products (again, we cook for you, so we should have it without it being a gift) 
  • A post on social media (there better be something else) 

 Here’s a bit of good news to kids out there: after reaching out to many mothers to ask what they like for Mother’s Day, almost every one of them wanted one thing. It is affordable, so you won’t need to bust open your piggy bank. They want something made by you and from your heart. They want to sense the thought you put into it. That seems easy enough! Good Luck and Happy Mother’s Day! 

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