Cullman High School Theatre winter show dates announced

Cullman High School (Tribune file photo)

CULLMAN, Ala. – One of the most highly anticipated fall/winter events at Cullman High School is the theatre department’s winter show.

While typically held in the fall, the Cullman High School Theatre Department will be hosting their performance of ‘Frozen Jr.’ in January 2022, with CHS Theatre Director Wayne Cook sharing, “We are planning on performing January 18 – 22. We are planning elementary performances for the daytime, and then public performances Thursday – Saturday in the evening.”

While adjustments have been necessary since the beginning of the pandemic, the Fine Arts Departments have seen success throughout the extensive changes. In an article written by WBRC, Director Cook discussed the difficulties of redesigning productions to accommodate pandemic safety protocols such as masking and social distancing.

“The impact has forced theatre directors like Wayne Cook to get creative in how his students prepare and present performances. Scenes often require actors to have close contact and the emotions of the play are conveyed through the actor’s facial expressions. Now—we’re dealing with social distancing and masks for safety,” the article stated.

One of Cook’s solutions? “Re-blocking—which means changing the direction that the actors go so we’re reflecting social distancing,” explained Director Cook, “Where they may have touched in the past we’re not doing that. We’re changing the way that the show is designed.”

These eager, hardworking students dedicate weeks of prep and rehearsal to ensure that these productions are up to the standards previously set by shows past, with this year’s outcome already looking to be just as promising.

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