Files from Yesteryear: 1900, 1950


From the Files of 1900

G.W. Hancock killed a rattlesnake in his yard a few days ago, which measured four and one-half feet long, eight and one- half inches around and had 14 rattles.

Mrs. A.B. Hayes and her beautiful and accomplished daughter, Miss Hattie, are spending some time at Blount Springs.

Warren V. Johnson, of Birmingham and Miss Armie Feast, one of Cullman’s fairest young ladies were married at the home of Reverend Fr. Theodosius on Sunday.

Miss Kate Deppe, of Cincinnati, sister of Charlie Deppe and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Adam Dreher has arrived here for a visit to relatives.

Mr. John Pierce, of Chattanooga, Tennessee and Miss Lena Inderbitzen were married at the residence of Reverend Fr. Theodosius on Tuesday.

Lightning struck the electric light wire Friday and did considerable damage to the plant. A number of telephones were also burned out.

The political pot is boiling. Next Monday week is Election Day.

Scott Leeth returned this week from an extended tour through Arkansas, Texas and Indiana Territory.

J.Y. Davis and Miss Bettie Davis, of Midway, visited relatives at Walter, on Saturday and Sunday.

M.E. Grimmett, W.J. Harris and R.J. Livingston, trustees and C.D. Bowling, clerk of Glade

School have called a meeting of the patrons for August 11.

From the Files of 1950

In observance of Youth Week, in Cullman, a group of high school and college students became city officers for a day, on Tuesday.

They were Mayor – Barbara Graddy, of Sacred Heart Junior College; City Clerk – Margaret Ussery, of Sacred Heart Junior College; Councilwomen – Ollie Carden, of Sacred Heart Academy; Councilman – Asa Blalock, of Cullman High; Councilman – Victor Hagman, of Saint Bernard High; Chief of Police – George Humphry, of Saint Bernard Junior College; Councilman – Frank Turbyville, of Saint Bernard College; Fire Chief – Bill Knight, of Cullman High and Councilman – Bill Martin, of Cullman High.

The new 1951 Studebaker is being displayed this weekend by the Owen Walker Motors.

G.C. Chapman, chief of police, is attending an FBI school in Tuscaloosa, for two weeks.

Several in the north Vinemont area are enjoying fresh pork since the cold weather came.

Little Karen Maddox, of Birmingham, spent last week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt Grimes.

Willie Kellum, a pioneer resident passed away on November 11. Funeral services were held on Monday at Providence.

Miss Pauline Wildmon and J.D. Latta were married on November 18.

The rulers of the Annual Harvest Carnival at Hanceville, on November 11, are Elementary King Kenneth Bland, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thelbert Bland and Queen Elaine Clapp, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clapp; Senior High King, Charles Doggett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Doggett and Queen Fay Eitson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Eitson and Junior High King, Robert Creel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Creel and Queen Ramona McAnnally, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orville McAnnally.

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