Files from Yesteryear: 1900, 1950


From the Files of 1900

J.W. Griffin spent Tuesday in Falkville. Dan Reinschmidt, of Columbus, Georgia arrived in Cullman the first of the week.

George W. Vest has moved to the residence of Fred Boub near the round-lap gin.

Miss Therese Torrey left for La Grange, Georgia, on Tuesday.

From the Files of 1950

Speegle-Guthery Reunion

Due to the rain and roads under construction, the crowd was much smaller than expected at the reunion on July 13th at Prospect Church of the Speegle and Guthery families.

Those attending included descendants of David Speegle, Nancy, Jim and Doc Speegle.

Descendants of Martha B. Guthery present were: Mavis Trimble, Myrtle Collins, Ellis Sinyard, Junior Sinyard, Freddie Sinyard, J.M. Sinyard, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Persall, Audie Sinyard, Elaine Sinyard, Charles Sinyard, Dewel Still, Wilma Still, Hilda Still, Johnny Still, Robert Still, Gerald Sinyard, Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Still, Peggy, Jack, Linda and Ray Still, Bill Guthery and Mrs. Maggie Still.

Descendant of Pratt Speegle was Elton Speegle.

Descendants of Friend Speegle were: Barbara Speegle, Bertha Speegle, Joe Speegle, Florence Speegle, Ray Speegle, Christine Nicholas, Geneva White, Novie Nicholas, Carol Nicholas, Emma Speegle, Charlie Speegle, Elwin Speegle, Gaye Speegle, Geraldine Speegle, Richard Speegle, David Speegle, Lora Campbell, Mabron Campbell and J.W. Speegle.

Descendants of Henry Speegle present were: Mr. and Mrs. Casper Speegle, Mattie Sue Speegle, Jimmy Joel Speegle, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Burch, Gene and Norman Burch and Mrs. Claudia Speegle.

Descendants of Elza Speegle were: Dorothy and Esquire Speegle.

Descendants of Houston Speegle were: Collie Speegle, Mr. and Mrs. Cortez Speegle, Dore Bee, Donnie Lee and Harry Dean Speegle.

Descendants of Della Self were: Mrs. W.A. Self, Cloie Knight, Sharon Knight, Emily Self, Dovie Willoughby, Brenda Willoughby and Regina Stricklin.

Descendants of Jim Speegle were: Lillian Pope, J.H. Pope, Leroy Pope, Geneva Pope, Clyde Speegle, Ellis Calvert, Loys Speegle, Bobby Speegle, Rosella Speegle, Margaret Calvert, Edwin, Norman, Frank, Denny, James and Ofel Calvert and Mrs. Gertie Speegle.

Descendant of Amanda Jones was Mrs. Ethel Jones.

Others attending were: Mrs. Nell Parker and Carter, of Trimble, Arthur Calvert and J.J. Calvert, of Bremen, Freddie Wells, Mr. and Mrs. D.M. Wells, Mrs. W.W. Wells, Janice Wells, Jack Wells, Leola Tidwell, John H. Tidwell, Mrs. Dayton Harbison, Audie Lee Speer, Wilsa Gaines, Uida Harbison, Dayton Harbison and Oscar Roden.

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