Little Paws Arts & Crafts Show Benefits Local Teachers


This past weekend at the Recreation Center in Hanceville, people came out to support local teachers and students at the Little Paws Arts and Crafts Show. This event was the first of its kind in the area raising money to help Hanceville teachers overcome the problem that is hitting hard in the homes and classrooms of teachers all across the state and country.


Teachers all across America are pulling out their pocket books for their classrooms to cover the supplies needed for everyday use. In fact, according to a series of surveys conducted by the insurance firm, Horace Mann, 30 percent of the 1,700 teachers surveyed spent anywhere from $200-400 for projects and supplies. That is an enormous undertaking for teachers who already get paid well under what they deserve.


These circumstances hurt a lot more than teachers’ bank accounts; it hurts the students as well. The survey above also found that a whopping 38 percent of teachers were also forced to cut two or more projects due to lack of funding. When this happens, the reality is that our students are not being given the best they could be, and while most teachers would love to incorporate all the hands on learning they can, it is just not always possible to come up with the money.


Luckily, Hanceville’s PTO decided to step up to the plate and find solutions to this growing problem. The crafts show was a wonderful way to not only raise money but also give local artisans a venue to display their art. The wide assortment of vendors and crafts made it easy to find something for everyone. Beautiful hand crafted jewelry, a mountain of great books, hand knitted and crotched clothing and accessories are just a few of the unique items that were found at the show.


One particularly eye catching booth belonged to A&C Crafts, a local couple who sell handmade wood furniture. Gorgeous oversized rocking chairs, toy boxes, bookshelves and novelty items were among the items on display, but it was a small fraction of what these artists could do. One of the more unique things about some of their pieces was the type of wood used. Most wood workers use pine or cedar, but A&C crafts has several pieces of furniture made from pecan trees. This particular wood produces a beautiful and different grain and color than you will see anywhere else.


The two-day event was everything it was advertised to be and more. The event’s atmosphere was all about great people and supporting two great causes – education and local artistry. The hope is to make this an annual event to benefit the teachers and community. So if you were not able to make it this year, then be sure to keep an eye out for next year’s event. After all, showing support even in a small way is one of the most important things we as a community can do.