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Sunday, February 5, 2023

    Op-Ed: Medicaid expansion would fix the hole in the roof of Alabama’s health care system

    It may not have sounded like it on the surface, but Gov. Kay Ivey recently made one of her most encouraging comments yet about Medicaid expansion. “It would be irresponsible,” Ivey told reporters Tuesday, “to think about expanding Medicaid just for the sake of...

    Op-Ed: The most important agency in our state!

    First, notice my topic is not the most important state agency. My topic is the most important agency in the state. What agency is the most important in the state? Which agency can impact reduction in crime the most, reduce and eliminate racism, friction among our...

    Op-Ed: Continue to improve rural Alabama

    My legislative district is rural, therefore my voice in the Legislature is for rural issues. We’ve had significant success for “rural Alabama” in the Legislature in recent years, primarily because of a focus lead by the Rural Caucus in the Alabama House of Representatives One member...

    Op-ed: Better paying jobs & continued economic growth

    Every working-age, able-bodied person needs a good paying job. Not too many years ago, the dominant manufacturing industry in Alabama was the textile industry. Just as Ross Perot predicted in presidential debates, the textile industry moved to other countries when Congress approved NAFTA (North American...

    Op-ed: Mental health and substance abuse

    Holidays are exciting times for many but tough for some. For some, holidays are tough because of the loss of loved ones. Those of us who experience this sadness have to enjoy our good memories and focus on our loved ones still with us. Then, there...

    Op-Ed: An inspirational pick

    A century ago, the Suffragettes finally succeeded in winning the right to vote for women. They would be thrilled to see the nomination of a woman so uniquely qualified to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court as Judge Amy Coney Barrett, were they alive...

    Op-Ed: Education- how do we get to number 1?

    This question has numerous answers, but I would like to hear your answer or answers. I firmly believe education is important to our future. The very first economic development project during my time as mayor of my hometown was to recruit a high-quality preschool, Early...

    Op-Ed: Making Alabama safer for children and families

    It’s been a little over a month since we learned about the death of Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney in Birmingham. That kind of violence against a beautiful child of God is just beyond comprehension. And in the weeks since, we’ve seen the tragic murders of...

    Op-Ed: Road and bridge projects

    It’s important for everyone to understand the process for road and bridge projects. First of all, please understand that legislators do not vote to do specific projects. We compete with every other legislator in the state for the same state funding for projects in our...

    Op-Ed: Alabama prisons and criminal justice system

    With any issue, finding the right balance is the key to success. The prison/criminal justice system issue is no different. The purpose of prisons, in my view, is to keep the public safe! And, provide the opportunity for inmate rehabilitation when possible. We have to...