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Saturday, September 25, 2021

    Op-Ed: The most important agency in our state!

    First, notice my topic is not the most important state agency. My topic is the most important agency in the state. What agency is the most important in the state? Which agency can impact reduction in crime the most, reduce and eliminate racism, friction among our...

    Op-Ed: Alabama prisons and criminal justice system

    With any issue, finding the right balance is the key to success. The prison/criminal justice system issue is no different. The purpose of prisons, in my view, is to keep the public safe! And, provide the opportunity for inmate rehabilitation when possible. We have to...

    AL Labor Sec. Fitzgerald Washington: 2019 economic wrap-up

    With the closing of the past decade, and at the beginning of a new one, economic conditions in Alabama couldn’t be much better.  We at the Alabama Department of Labor have been busy wrapping up statistics and facts for 2019, and we’re happy to...

    Op-Ed: Education- how do we get to number 1?

    This question has numerous answers, but I would like to hear your answer or answers. I firmly believe education is important to our future. The very first economic development project during my time as mayor of my hometown was to recruit a high-quality preschool, Early...

    Op-Ed: Support LOCAL shops and restaurants on Small Business Saturday

    Governor Ivey has proclaimed Nov. 30, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, as Small Business Saturday in Alabama. Small business really is the bedrock of Alabama’s economy. It accounts for 99.4 percent of all businesses in the state and employs about 47 percent of the workforce, according...

    On this Independence Day, recalling the Founders’ views of a free press

    America’s Founders regarded a free press as so vital to the new nation that they took care to include that right in the First Amendment to the Constitution. Founders spoke glowingly about the press as a pillar of democracy and guarantor of liberty. Thomas Jefferson,...

    Op-Ed: Local Legislation

    Local legislation is often required to authorize a local entity to do something specific that otherwise is not authorized by law or the state constitution. Local legislation can usually be passed if all the local legislators, House and Senate agree or at least do not...

    Op-Ed: Another rural hospital is closing- What will it take for Alabama to finally expand Medicaid?

    Today (Friday, March 6, 2020), when the Pickens County Medical Center closes its doors, it will become yet another sad statistic among the now 14 hospitals in Alabama that have shuttered their doors since 2011. Eight of those have been in rural communities. There are...

    Letter to the Editor: Caregiving in the era of COVID-19

    Even in ordinary times, the more than 760,000 unpaid family caregivers in Alabama face a daunting set of daily tasks. Oftentimes with little or no training, they may be responsible for wound care, tube feedings, dressing, managing the finances and medical bills of their loved...

    Op-Ed:  Let’s build America’s health care equipment in Alabama 

    This is a difficult day for all of us. New unemployment numbers released this morning, some of the worst in our nation’s history, paint a grim picture of the economic devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of Americans, and many of our fellow...