Op-Ed: Senior citizens, thank you!

Rep. Randall Shedd, R-Fairview (Cullman Tribune file photo)

I am thankful for faith, family and freedom! And, I am thankful for senior citizens; they’ve truly blessed my life!

I’ve just always been able to connect with seniors. I guess it goes back to the wonderful grandparents I had.

One of my proudest accomplishments in public service is the Cullman County Commission on Aging. We established this new county department in 1977 one month after I became chairman of the county commission. It has helped a lot of senior citizens.

Then, a little later (I think 1979 or so) we established another new county department, CARTS, a rural bus transportation system.


Wherever seniors live in Alabama, help is available. Alabama Department of Senior Services has a network of professionals available with just one call 1-800- AGE-LINE (1-800-243-5463).

Advocate in Montgomery for seniors

I am honored to serve as vice chair of the Children and Senior Advocacy Committee in the Alabama House of Representatives.

I appreciate Speaker Mac McCutcheon appointing me to serve on the Advisory Board for the Alabama Department of Senior Services.

I’m still involved in trying to help seniors.

We’ve done some things in the Legislature to help seniors.

We passed strong Elder Abuse laws.

If you know of a senior citizen being abused, report it to law enforcement. Physical abuse, mental abuse and financial abuse of senior citizens have tougher penalties now in Alabama.

We even passed legislation that provides a process for protective court orders for seniors.

Immunity for a person rescuing incapacitated persons from hot vehicles

If a child, or incapacitated person of any age, is locked in a hot vehicle, a new Alabama law provides immunity for any person rescuing them, even if it’s necessary to damage the vehicle during the rescue.

Seniors don’t have to stand in long lines to vote.

When you go to vote next March, if you are age 70 or older, you don’t have to stand in line a long time. You can move to the front of the line if you need to because of a law we passed in 2015.


In Alabama, we still respect our senior population! We appreciate the knowledge and experience seniors have and contribute to our state every day.

I will continue to stand up for senior citizens! I’ve done it all my life.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thank y’all for letting me represent you in Montgomery!

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Randall Shedd

District 11, Alabama

House of Representatives

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