‘Never give up’: Good Hope’s Annie Williams talks Raider years and fast-tracking at Wallace State

Good Hope’s Annie Williams. (Courtesy of Annie Williams)

GOOD HOPE, Ala. — Good Hope senior Annie Williams made a lot of great memories over her years as a Raider and in this interview, she shared some of her favorite experiences.

“Some of my favorite memories included going to the football and basketball games with my friends,” Williams said. “What is most notable to me is the time I spent with some of my favorite teachers in the CCBOE Fast Track building. I chose to do Fast Track at Wallace, because it was a different environment and had more flexibility when it came to me and my health issues. Another factor that played into it was the urge to start my career in cosmetology, and I finished my first semester out of four this year. It had its ups and downs, but I am blessed to have made it.”

During her time at Good Hope, Annie felt lucky to be around a lot of amazing people and she says they played a huge part in helping her become the person that she is today. She started her fast-track courses at Wallace last fall before going back to Good Hope to finish out the rest of the year.

“Good Hope has some wonderful people. Transitioning from virtual to in-person schooling my 11th grade year seemed quite scary, but the teachers and facilitators at Good Hope were very helpful with helping me with everything. The secretary deserves a huge shoutout herself, because she always goes out of her way to help out anyone with anything they might need,” Williams said. “I learned so much from some amazing teachers, as well as the guidance counselor there. You can always depend on having someone to talk to and help coach you through your obstacles with a positive outlook on the future ahead.”

She added,

“I absolutely loved fast-track. It is such a great program. I was urged to start my career in cosmetology, and the instructors there are absolutely wonderful. I completed my first semester and then dedicated my time to my high school classes for the last one. The CCBOE Fast-Track building has some wonderful teachers and facilitators who could help me with almost anything. Their resource officer helped me get through many obstacles and the dedication she puts towards her students is incredible. Overall, I would recommend fast-track to any student who feels they want a head start. I have no regrets with my decision to go there.”

“I learned so much as a person from this experience. It is completely different from high school, and it gave me a sense of how life is going to be in the future for me. It taught me so much about who I am and the person I want to be someday. Everything has its ups and downs, but I am so blessed and thankful to be where I am today.”

She talked about what made Good Hope a special place to go to school and will remember the impact a lot of people made on her life.

“Good Hope is such a special place because of the people there. Each teacher is so special in their own way, and I will forever remember the impact they made on my life. The facilitators at Good Hope always show an appreciation that we know all of the school announcements, and make sure that we are able to attend any school function, activity, etc.,” she said. “I will remember the impact the teachers and students had on me and will always be thankful for the experiences and the friends I made along the way.”

Annie had so many great role models that she looked up to, and she gave some advice to those students that are preparing to start high school and are thinking about fast-tracking in the future.

“Tiffany Ellis, Tiffany Pope, and Lisa Holt were some of my favorite teachers, and they were great role models to me while I was there. A couple of others include the secretary, Gidgett Overton, and the guidance counselor, Shawna Koch. Laura Mayfield and Denise Feldner were also some wonderful teachers from the fast-track industry that I will never forget. My biggest role model is my mom. She has stood by my side throughout my entire life and supported my journey in high school,” she said. “My advice to them would be to go for it completely. It is a great opportunity to get a head start on your college career, as well as a fresh, new, and positive environment. I recommend it for anyone who is thinking about it. It is something that is so wonderful, and there will always be support from the teachers and facilitators there, no matter the obstacles.”

Annie tried to be a great role model for the young kids around watching and she talked about what she wants to be remembered.

“It is so important. Being a good role model for younger children, especially at school, is so significant, because us older kids can guide them and help them learn. That goes for anywhere at any time in my opinion, even outside of school,” she said. “I want people to remember that I’m a very honest and authentic individual, as well as the memories I helped make in high school. Even though I was only there a short time, it was definitely something that I will always remember.”

She talked about how many people helped her out and have continued to help her out when she was going through a tough time in her life. She kept her advice to those people that want to be where she’s at right now short and sweet.

“Something life-changing that happened to me was always battling health issues while continuing daily life, especially during school for all these years. Some didn’t believe anything was wrong with me, and some weren’t as helpful as others as I was battling through those issues. That was very life-changing, but that made me a stronger person. I’m really thankful for those people who helped me and benefited my life during my struggles. I am the person I am today because of the people who helped get me this far, and I am so blessed,” she said. “My advice to them is to simply never give up.”

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