Veteran Memorial: Henry Paul Grusnick

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Henry Paul Grusnick was born June 10, 1888, in Cullman to German immigrants. Grusnick joined the United States Army, and the young Private was a member of the 6th Group, 75th Company, Mounted Division.  

He was at Camp Hancock in Augusta, Georgia from July 24, 1918, until his death on October 25, 1918. Hancock would die from bronchial pneumonia and influenza (Spanish flu).  

His mother, Bertha A. Grusnick would write in her son’s biography that he received his grammar school education at Dobbs School in Cullman. She listed Charlie Tillery, Will Tillery and Houston McCorn as being some of his teachers.  

She explained that Henry Paul Grusnick became a farmer when he was “quite young, as his father died when quite young and all of the work was left to him and his older brother.” His father died at the age of 26. She went on to say that her son was a “believer in the Republican Party” and a “splendid member” of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.  

Henry Paul Grusnick is buried alongside his parents Johann Heinrich “John Henry” Grusnick and Bertha Marie Arnholt Grusnick at Elmwood Cemetery in Birmingham, Alabama. He is memorialized at the Cullman Veterans Memorial Park.  

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