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    Veteran Memorial: William Emry McConnell

    William Emry McConnell  William Emry McConnell was born July 21, 1891, in Cullman County to William H. and Martha A. McConnell. He registered for the...

    Veteran Memorial: Sylvester Patrick Kreps

    Sylvester Patrick Kreps  Sylvester Patrick Kreps was born March 17, 1893 in Butler County, Pennsylvania to Peter Joseph Kreps and Anna (Geibel) Kreps. Sylvester’s mother...

    Veteran Memorial: Rufus B. Humphries and Tolbert L. Humphries

    Rufus B. Humphries  Rufus B. Humphries was born on August 12, 1919 in Cullman County. He enlisted in the United States Army Air Forces and...

    Veteran Memorial: Bernice Entrekin

    Bernice Entrekin was born December 6, 1895 in Carroll County, Georgia. By the age of 8, his family had relocated to Cullman County and...

    Veteran Memorial: Allie Snider

    Allen “Allie” Snider was born Aug. 13, 1894 in Blount County, Alabama. The Snider family lived in Hanceville. His father, George Franklin Snider, served...

    Veteran Memorial: Henry Paul Grusnick

    Henry Paul Grusnick was born June 10, 1888, in Cullman to German immigrants. Grusnick joined the United States Army, and the young Private was a...

    WWI Veteran Memorials: Pvt. Johnie Pichelmayer

    It was supposed to be the “war to end all wars.” The Great War, as it was referred to at the time, is what...

    Cullman County Museum hosting special WWI centennial poster exhibit

    The exhibit of recruiting posters and war bond ads on the museum’s upper floor includes a copy of the famous Uncle Sam “I Want...