FAITH: Temple Baptist Church hosting ‘Ring of Fire Around You’ Women’s Conference April 27

The “Ring of Fire Around You” Women's Conference will take place on Saturday, April 27, from 8:30 a.m.-noon at Temple Baptist Church. (Jennifer Clark)

Temple Baptist Church is set to host the “Ring of Fire Around You” Women’s Conference on Saturday, April 27, from 8:30 a.m.-noon. Organized by Standing in the Gap ministries, the conference aims to address critical issues affecting women today, including domestic violence, generational legacies and self-worth, through a Christian perspective.

Standing in the Gap ministries, led by founder and director Jennifer Clark, serves as a pivotal resource for women in crisis. Dedicated to offering support to victims of domestic violence, women in safe houses and those affected by homelessness and trafficking, the ministry extends beyond crisis intervention to provide comprehensive assistance.

“We help women who have left with nothing but the clothes on their backs and scared children in the backseat. We put them somewhere safe, feed them, clothe them, help get mom safe, help find mama a job, help get counseling for all of them and support them as much as we can financially in partnership with other agencies in our community. We also get them medical care if any of them need that, and we do all of this until mom can get on her feet. It takes a village. We also help the homeless. We help with hunger, and we rescue trafficking victims. But first and foremost, and above all else, we do not make one move without the guidance and direction of God,” Clark stated.

The conference is designed to not only educate and inform, but also to motivate action and foster a community of support among Christian women.

Clark highlighted the conference as a unique gathering that focuses on deep, often overlooked issues that many women face.

“It’s time for strong believing women to come alongside, learn about real, raw, reality and put some feet to their faith. God never intended for His daughters to live lives feeling like they have no value, no worth, no hope. Come find out what God intended for the daughters He loves,” she said.

The event is inspired by the promise in Zechariah 2:5, where God declared, “I will be to her a wall of fire around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.”

The conference will feature Clark as a speaker, as well as Lisa Roxanne Richardson from Birmingham, known for her outreach work with the homeless and efforts to rescue women from trafficking. Both speakers will share personal experiences and stories of hope and recovery.

“We will be sharing real, raw stories of our day-to-day experiences. It’s one of those things you have to hear to believe. I know I’ll be sharing of a rescue of a trafficked young woman here in Cullman. And I know Lisa has so many stories of homelessness turned into hope,” Clark explained.

With many goals on the table for the night of the conference, Clark said the importance of Jesus and His love remains the central goal of the night, “First and foremost is to share the love of Jesus Christ. It’s to give an opportunity for anyone that doesn’t know Him to accept Him as their Lord and Savior and to be welcomed into the family,” she said.

The conference also seeks to raise awareness about the harsh realities faced by many women in situations often hidden from society’s blanketed eyes. Through testimony and expert guidance shared by Clark and Richardson both, the event aims to equip women with the knowledge and support needed to overcome many of these adversities.

Ultimately, Clark said, she hopes to empower women with hope and renewed worth, all while sharing the love of Jesus, “Our goal is for the women that come who are in these situations who are living them day in and day out to come and hear about hope and about value and about worth. It’s to bring these women the absolute truth that Jesus loves them, and He never intended for them to have the life that they’re living right now. It’s for them to come and listen and let us tell them about a God that loves them. We want to help them with the first day of the second half of their life.”

Attendees are encouraged to bring their Bibles and notebooks, ready to engage with the powerful messages and worship opportunities presented. Complimentary coffee, soft drinks and light refreshments will be available. Additionally, vendors offering both information and unique items for purchase will be available after the main portion of the conference.

For more information, participants can reach out via email to or visit

Clark’s parting message captures the spirit of the event, “God will put you together in front of those who broke you. Don’t think it wasn’t seen by Him. You will not only recover, but you will flourish. He will be with you in every step of your journey, mending every fracture, healing every wound, and restoring every lost hope. He is your Faithful Protector and Healer. He will build you back stronger than ever. Oh, to have a generation of daughters who can rise up to who God called them to be!”

Temple Baptist Church is located at 30 County Road 1184, in Cullman.

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