Files from Yesteryear: 1905 and 1955



From the Files of 1905:

Charles W. Wollenhaupt, formerly of Cullman, was killed when he was struck by a train near Bessemer, on Monday. He was a flagman on the mineral railroad.

Will Davis, of Stouts Mountain, fell from a freight train on the outskirts of Cullman, on Friday night and was run over and killed by the train. His remains were interred at Hanceville, where his parents reside.

The following have secured marriage licenses during the past  week:  L.B. Martin and Miss Lete Burks, J.B. Tekulue and Miss Mary Popp, W.O. McClure and Miss Daisy Trussell and E. Stisher and Miss Mary Patterson.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Heilman was a son.

Mrs. M.R. Julian is visiting her brother, J.H. Ryan in Birmingham.

Charlie Ruehl is nearing completion of  a three story storage house.

Mrs. E.B. Wallace is on an extended visit with relatives in Decatur and Moulton.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Silas P. McDonald, on Friday, was a son.

Robert Buurg and Ira Kilpatrick have been appointed Notary Public and Justice of the Peace for Beat 17.

Mrs. H.L. Heidelberg and Mrs. S.A. Felter spent a day in Decatur last week and were royally entertained by Mrs. R.E. Sanders, formerly of Cullman.

Judge J.A. Johnson is in Memphis on business this week.

Ira Stisher, of Texas, is visiting relatives at Holly Pond.

Born this week to Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Smith was a daughter.

Cullman defeated Saint Bernard, 1-0, on Wednesday in a baseball game. This was Cullman’s first game. The following are officers and players: A.Griffith, president, John Kreulhous, vice-president, W.A.   Schlosser,  second vice-president,  Charlie York, secretary and treasurer  and T.D. McMinn, official umpire and players: C. Hartung, E.B. Wallce, E. Lively, W. Pickens, V. Clark, Guy Jones, Jim Clark, F. Beyer, Graves Jones and J. Kibby.


From the Files of 1955:

Saluting John William Arnold, son of Henry C. and Alma G. Arnold, who was born on October 13, 1902,  in Cullman. He attended the Cullman public schools, Saint Paul Parochial School  and graduated from the Cullman County High School. He attended Valparasio University, Indiana.

He was married to Miss Edna Mae Fehler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Fehler, of Cullman, on August 3, 1932. Mr. Arnold built a home at 308 Fourth Avenue, Northeast, in Cullman and still lives at that address.

The Arnolds are members of Saint Paul Lutheran Church and Mr. Arnold is president of the congregation. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Leeth National Bank, an active member of the Cullman Chamber of Commerce since it was founded and has served as a member of its Board of Directors. He served as chairman of the Hospital Board from 1939 to 1948. Appointed to the Cullman City Council by Mayor J.A. Dunlap in October, 1945, he served  in this capacity until October, 1948. Mr. Arnold has been a member of the Utilities Board of the City of Cullman since 1949 and was elected chairman, on April 24, 1951, in which position he is  now serving.

J.W. Arnold began working at  C. Arnold and Son during the summer vacation in 1916, as a glazier. In 1925, he started working regularly as a laborer. Upon the retirement of one of the senior partners, J.P. Young, in 1935, he bought one half interest of his father’s share of the business.


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