Annual Military Order of the Purple Heart memorial service this Saturday

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HARTSELLE – Each August, Chapter 2212, the Finis J. Self Chapter of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, sponsors a memorial service to honor the fallen warriors of Cullman and Morgan Counties. Those being honored were either killed in action or received a Purple Heart after being wounded and passed on later in life. The service will be conducted at the Purple Heart Monument in Sparkman Park in Hartselle on Saturday, Aug. 6, at 10 a.m.

During the ceremony each name of the fallen warriors that are inscribed on the monument are read aloud accompanied by the sounding of a bell. A small Purple Heart flag is presented to the next of kin or a friend if they are present. The names are read by prominent elected officials representing Cullman and Morgan Counties.

In addition to the Purple Heart monument and its list of fallen warriors and Purple Heart recipients there is a Veteran’s Walk open to all veterans. Engraved bricks honor or memorialize the veterans of our country’s armed forces.

The guest speaker for this year’s ceremony will be Retired Army Lt. Col. Michael Snyder. State Sen. Arthur Orr, R-Decatur, Morgan County Commission Chairman Ray Long, Cullman County Commissioner Garry Marchman and Hartselle Mayor Bill Smelser will read the names. JROTC cadets from the Priceville High School program will post the colors. Brother Gunther from Priceville will give the opening prayer. Former POW George Mills will conduct the POW/MIA ceremony. MSG Donna Johnson and ENell Baker will sing patriotic songs. The Patriot Guard Riders, along with the Buffalo Soldiers, American Legion and Tuskegee Airmen Motorcycle Clubs, flags flying, will make their grand arrival and be present during the ceremony.

The Military Order of the Purple Heart is unique among military fraternal groups. All of its members have spilt blood or were otherwise injured in combat with an enemy of the United States. This memorial service honors those warriors, past and present. This service is open to the public.

For more information about the service, having a Purple Heart recipient’s name inscribed on the monument, or purchasing a brick for a veteran, contact the commander, Joey D’Andrea, at 256-739-4733 or

2016 Memorial Service Honorees

Absher, Lyle – WW2
Absher, Paul – WW2
Aldridge, David S. – VN
Alford, George – WW2
Alford, Ottis F. – Korea
Ashton, Alfred J. Jr – VN
Barnett, Kermit C. – WW2
Bates, Lloyd C. – WW2
Bean, David A. – WW2
Beard, Billy Joe– VN
Bell, Dexter – VN
Bennett, Baskem– WW2
Bennett, Royce – WW2
Blair, Robert J. – WW2
Blankenship, Chester W. – WW2
Blankenship, Theron A. – WW2
Bowman, Ray – WWII/Korea
Bowman, Ulyes – WWII/Korea/VN
Bradford, Cornis – WW2
Brindley, Warren – WW2
Brown, Charles W. – WW2
Burks, Howard M. – WW2
Burnett, John S. – WW2
Burrow, Ernest D. – WW2
Bynum, Howard E. – WW2
Calvert Athel – WW2
Calvert, Marion D. – VN
Cammon, William E. – WW2
Caretti, James – WW2
Chambers, Joseph L. – WW2
Chenault, R. M. – WW2
Cheuvront, William A. – WW2
Christopher, Ashford H. – WW2
Clement, Ausie – VN
Cobb, Grover A– WW2 – POW
Cox, M.l. – Korea
Curnel, Zelma – WW2
Davis, Earl – WW2
Dingler, Warner F. – WW2
Drain, Bluit A. – WW2
Elrod, Jimmy C.–VN
Eubanks, Thurman G. – Korea
Everly, Raymond– WW2, Korea, VN
Foshee, Willie W. – WW2
Frazier, Jantzen M. – Iraq
Freeman, Chester W. – WW2
Galin, Marvin H. – WW2
Glasscock, Charles G. – WW2
Glasscock, William E. – WW2
Glenn, Troy R. – Iraq
Glover, Charles G. – WW2
Greene, John D. – VN
Greenhill, O’neal – WW2
Greeson, Zeb Vance – VN
Grigsby, Erskine L. – VN
Hall, Jeffrey A. – Afghanistan
Harbison, Shelby – WW2
Hardwick, Macon – WW2
Harris, Gary – VN
Hawkins, James F. – WW2
Haynes, Uyless V. – WW2
Hendon, William. A- Korea/VN
Herring, Ted R. – WW2
Higdon, James E. – WW2
Hoffman, James – WW2
Holcomb, Russell A. – WW2
Holmes, Luther F. WW2
Hooper, Joe R. – Medal
Of Honor – VN
Hopkins, Robert P. – WW2
Horton, Lonie – WW2 – POW
Howington, Hartwell R. – WW2
Hughes, James – WW2
Hurt, Bruce M. – Korea
Hyche, Richard J. Sr. – WW2
Johnson, James D. – WW2
Johnson, James P. – WW2
Jones, John P. – WW2
Jones, Marion A. – WW2
Kilgo, Ottis – WW2
Kirby, Edward M. – WW2
Lackey, Wayne S – Korea, VN
Laney, Billy R. – VN
Laney, Dellmar B. – WW2
Lessman, William F. – WW2
Loney, Jon-Erik – Iraq
Lovelady, Ronald D. – VN
Maddox, Erskine L. – WW2
Mann, George E. – WW2
Mayhall, Albert O. – VN
Mc Annally, Joseph A. – WW2
Mc Annally, Sammie G. – WW2
Mc Call, George D. – WW2
Mc Minn, Lonnie H. – WW2
Mc Neal, Darril R., – WW2
Melton, Carl E. – WW2
Miller, Melvin W. – WW2
Miner, Norval – Korea
Molitor, John A. – Korea – POW
Nelson, Travis – Iraq
Nesmith, Arthur L. – WW2
Nicholson, Clarence D. – WW2
Norwood, Freeman L. – WW2 – POW
Nothdurft, Fred – WW2
Nunn, Henry G. – Ww1
Overturf, Vernon R. – VN
Perry, Jim D. – VN
Pinyan, Verbon – WW2
Player, James D. – WW2
Prater, James – VN
Puckett, Frank Jr. – WW2
Puckett, Rube E. – WW2
Queen, J. C. – WW2 – POW
Quick, Vonnie O. – WW2
Racster, John R. – WW2
Ragsdale, Carlton – WW2
Rath, Joshua – Afghanistan
Reeves, Millard C. WW2
Riddle, Jimmy L. – VN
Roberts, Arville L. – WW2
Rollins, Robert Q. – WW2
Rose, Alvin – VN
Sachs, Alfred L. – WW2
Samples, Cecil – WW2
Sandlin, Reubin – WW2
Self, Finis J. – WW2
Sewell, Johnny B. – VN
Shaffran, James A. – VN
Shoemaker, H. W. – WW2
Simpson, Charles A. – WW2
Singleton, Harold – WW2
Sivley, Gene – WW2
Skalberg, James L. Jr – Afghanistan
Slateen, Donald – Korea
Smith, Jonathan L. – Iraq
Speake, Fred M. Jr. – WW2
Stephenson, Kerry L. – VN
Stinnett, Coy – WW2
Talley, Deesie H. – WW2
Turner, Horace Ray – WW2 – POW
Turner, Marion F. – WW2
Vandercar, Harry R. – WW2
Vernon, Leonard L. – WW2
Ward, Truman C. – VN
Ward, Vernon– WW2
Waterman, Mel F. – WW2
Weeks, Herschel – WW2
West, Charles H. – WW2
White, Elton D. – Korea
Williams, Millard A. – WW2
Woodard, Percy R. – WW2