Werner’s Trading Company Now Offers Bike Rentals at Reasonable Rates


CULLMAN – Cullman is a beautiful area that is worth exploring; our beautiful town, parks and wooded areas make this a great place to explore. A great way to explore is to get outside and get some exercise through bicycling. This has become a sight we see in the area more and more as a favorite of locals and tourists, and now there is a new option in Cullman for everyone who wants to take advantage, but may not have the cash for an expensive bike.

Werner’s Trading Company is now offering an exciting new recreational option for everyone here in Cullman, both to locals and tourists, in the form of bike rentals.

“I’ve had several people ask about it at the store,” said Justin Loyd, bike manager at Werner’s. “It’s usually people who are visiting their family, and people who are traveling that didn’t have the opportunity to bring their bikes with them. I know I have visited places on vacation before and there are usually bike rentals. We just wanted to be able to offer it here as well.”

The bikes available for rent are all Trek X-Caliber 6 mountain bikes in six different sizes to accommodate different heights. The rental rates are $30 for one day – you pick it up that morning and return it that same afternoon within business hours. You can also rent the bike for two days at a price of $50 and pick it up the first day, then return it the next business day within business hours. This price will include one certified helmet per bike rental.

While the bikes can be used for leisure around the city, there are also two designated mountain bike trails in the area from which to choose. The first is at Sportsman Lake Park, and the second is a new trail that is still being worked on at Duck River Lake.

“We now have a new trail in Cullman,” said Loyd. “It is a professional grade mountain bike trail. Since the new Duck River project is a water supply source, the city owns a right of way around the entire lake. So they have built this trail within the right of way that goes around the entire circumference of the lake. The trail is going to end up being approximately 20 miles long.”

According to Loyd, the city has commissioned the International Mountain Bike Association to build the track.

“So IMBA has come in to build this trail for us after the city commissioned them,” Loyd said. “After they received the grants and funds to do it, and they have these professionals building this great course for us, I just saw that as an opportunity.”

Loyd went on to say that for such a great course, you need to experience it on a great bike.

“I just wanted to give people the chance to ride on a good quality bike,” he said. “I want people to try the trail on a great bike, whether it be someone who just doesn’t have their bike with them, or somebody local that wants to get into it, but they may not have the money to go buy a $700 bike.”

Loyd is working hard to encourage the mountain bike lifestyle here in our town, by not only starting a rental service, but also by becoming a certified mountain biking instructor himself. With that certification, Loyd could train local firefighters or other emergency personnel how to utilize bicycles in various situations. It is an exciting time for bicyclists across the area in Cullman. New trails, new bikes and lots of fun are right around the corner. So stop by Werner’s and talk with Justin Loyd about starting your next bike adventure today.

For more information, call Werner’s Trading Company at 256-734-5673.