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    Willkommen zurück! Friends of Frankweiler homecoming celebration this Sunday

    CULLMAN, Ala. - Cullman’s German heritage society Friends of Frankweiler will do a little something special during its meeting this Sunday. The group is...

    Friends of Frankweiler sponsoring student for WSCC Singers’ 2019 European tour

    On Sunday, Friends of Frankweiler President Steven Sides presented a $1,600 check to Tiffany Richter, director of the Wallace State Singers, to sponsor one...

    Friends of Frankweiler welcome Eiflers back to Cullman

    Husband and wife professor/physician team, Dr. Dietmar Eifler and Dr. Reingard Eifler are members of the Friends of Cullman in Cullman’s sister city, Frankweiler,...

    Willkommen! Cullman hosts visitors from sister city, Frankweiler, Germany

    Visitors from Frankweiler arrived at the Cullman County Museum late Thursday afternoon.  L-R: Sigrid Rong, Klaus Feindel, Verena Rong and Karl Fiscus (W.C. Mann...

    Playground funded in part by Cullman contributions complete in Frankweiler

    FRANKWEILER, GERMANY - The Frankweiler office of the Palatine Forest Association (PWV Frankweiler) in Germany has released new photos of a recently-completed playground funded...

    Cullman to host ‘Friends of Cullman’ from Frankweiler in the spring

    The Friends of Cullman group / Photo courtesy Sigrid Rong/Friends of Cullman FRANKWEILER, GERMANY - The Friends of Cullman, counterpart to Cullman’s Friends of Frankweiler,...

    Friends of Frankweiler donate to German playground to honor Margot Tanner

    Adults and kids volunteered to work on the new playground.  Volunteers and local contributions have reduced the cost of the project by an estimated...

    One last conversation with a living legend: Margot Tanner

    Margot Tanner displays one of the numerous original works of art she has created. / W.C. Mann CULLMAN - This week, the Cullman community will...

    Friends of Frankweiler preserves ties to the old country

    CULLMAN - Cullman's German heritage organization Friends of Frankweiler (FoF) held its regular meeting Sunday afternoon at the Cullman County Museum. For those who may...