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Thursday, June 20, 2024

    Editorial: Summer recommended reading list

    Something magical happens when you first reach for a book. The possibilities become endless and worlds you knew nothing about become visible- fallen cities, lost loves, thrilling challenges around every corner. This summer, allow yourself to explore a book or two--whether it be to...

    ‘Still Moments’: Local poet publishes collection of works

    CULLMAN, Ala. – Randy C. Hale, guest columnist of The Tribune’s “Poet's Corner" weekly feature, has published a collection of poems titled “Still Moments.” Hale's poems have won recognition in Alabama and abroad, and have been published in numerous poem anthologies and poetry magazines.  When...

    She Reads: ‘One Step Behind’ by Lauren North

    Any time you open a new book, you are introduced to a world of endless possibilities. There are a thousand--no, a million different places that stories could take you. As local libraries begin to reopen at full capacity and access to hands-on literature becomes...

    BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Codebreaker’s Secret’ by Sara Ackerman

    “The Codebreaker’s Secret” has dual timelines. One takes place in the 1940s and the other in the 1960s. Isobel Cooper is a cryptanalyst during World War II. She works in Washington, D.C., trying to decipher encrypted Japanese messages. The job is tedious and stressful, but she enjoys the work....

    BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Exchange’ by John Grisham

    “The Exchange” is John Grisham’s latest novel. It is advertised as a sequel to “The Firm” that was published in 1991, but it reads more like a standalone novel. “The Exchange” takes place 15 years later with Mitch and Abby McDeere living in New York City...

    Books reviews from CCPLS readers

    Readers who frequent the Cullman County Public Library System share reviews of some of their recently read books. Submission date: June 29, 2003 Reviewer: Elaine Clayton Title: “Identity” Author: Nora Roberts Rating: 5 out of 5 stars Thoughts about the book: A truly fabulous book! A psychopath targets blond, slim...

    BOOK REVIEW: ‘Someone Else’s Shoes’ by Jojo Moyes

    Imagine working out at a gym and running late for a meeting. You grab your fake Marc Jacobs bag and dash to your co-worker’s car. You pull out your shoes and they are not yours. Instead of your boxy black pumps, you find red...

    BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Rose Code’ by Kate Quinn

    “The Rose Code” is an intriguing novel set with two timelines. One is in 1940  during the early years of World War II. The other is in 1947 after the war is over.  In 1940, three women are hired to work in Bletchley Park as codebreakers. They work with...

    BOOK REVIEW: ‘A Land Remembered’ by Patrick D. Smith

    “A Land Remembered” was the March selection for my book club. This novel is historical fiction of Florida from 1858 until 1960s. It was published in 1984. I did not think this could possibly be a choice for a book review in 2024. But “A Land Remembered” was winner of the...

    BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ by Richard Osman

    Every Thursday, four senior citizens who live in an upscale retirement community meet to discuss cold case files and try to solve the murders the police could not. Each member has his or her own skill set. Joyce Meadowcroft is the last to join the group. She becomes its...