Book Review: ‘Wolf Pack’ (A Joe Pickett novel)


“Wolf Pack” is a Joe Pickett novel, written by C.J. Box. This novel opened as a slower-paced, pleasant read, but suddenly took a surprising turn. At first, I was reading along, happily learning about Wyoming deer, moose and animals who live in the woods, which game wardens Joe Pickett and Katelyn Hamm (our main characters) observe and protect daily, when this novel absolutely TOOK OFF!

A drone that was tracking and killing deer turns out to be more than just some mischievous teenagers. We also learn that the “Wolf Pack” aren’t wolves at all.  Joe and Katelyn must do their respective duties as game wardens by solving the mystery and protecting the local wildlife while trying to track down the owners of a crashed drone Katelyn has local falconer, Nate Romanowski, and his falcons take down. 

I LOVED this novel! It has so many twists and turns, despite being an easy read.  Local law enforcement, district attorneys, FBI, good guys and super bad guys keeps you on the edge of your seat and make you say, “Just one more chapter.”  I look forward to reading more by C.J. Box.