‘Still Moments’: Local poet publishes collection of works

Randy C. Hale (contributed)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Randy C. Hale, guest columnist of The Tribune’s “Poet’s Corner” weekly feature, has published a collection of poems titled “Still Moments.” Hale’s poems have won recognition in Alabama and abroad, and have been published in numerous poem anthologies and poetry magazines. 

When discussing his book, Hale noted that he has always been a wordsmith, writing poetry on and off for 30 years, but a poem published in The Tribune in 2013 motivated him to write more consistently over the last 10 years, and led him to begin writing “Poet’s Corner” each week since.  

When asked about his inspiration for his scrawlings, Hale said he simply writes about what he knows and what we all experience. “I like to write about God, life, nature, memories, children, seasons, happy times and sometimes sad,” he said. 

His first collection of published poems is inspired by the “still moments” of life.  

“We don’t remember whole years, months or even days, but we often remember special moments the rest of our life,” he shared. Through rhyme, rhythm and free verse pieces, Hale weaves stories out of his memories of Southern scenery like river baptisms, his daughter’s first gaze at a cotton field and the births of his grandchildren. 

Hale’s advice for other writers, particularly about hitting writer’s block, is simple: just read.  

“Personally, I read lots,” he said. “I try to read a variety of poets and authors. I find this inspires me with my ideas and helps me to overcome writer’s block. My best advice is to write about what you know and enjoy.”  

Hale also encourages other poets to practice not just writing poetry, but the oral tradition of poetry as well.  

“Poetry is about the sound of words, rhyme and rhythm,” he said. “Write about those things and try to make it sound the very best you can when reading it out loud, for poetry is meant to be heard.” 

Ending on a whimsical note, Hale mentioned that writing is “from the depth of what we know or imagine about people, and places around us. Poetry preserves what intrinsically invades us and expresses what we are or ever hope to be.” 

“Still Moments” is available now on Amazon. While not in local stores just yet, there are plans for the book to be in a select few locations, to be announced at a later date. 

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