She Reads: The Woman in the Window by: A.J. Finn

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When initially reaching for “The Woman in the Window”, I hoped sincerely to find a novel that would truly capture the magical essence of escape that only the best books provide. So, when I say I have never been less disappointed, I mean it. Personally, I have always been a fan of literature that forces you to think, to contemplate the story’s message and push on to the conclusion in search of answers. Right off the bat, the cover was giving me “The Girl on the Train” vibes and being such a sucker for psychological thrillers, I had to know more. 

The story follows Anna Fox, a former child psychologist, spying from her window into a nearby neighbor’s home as an affair is taking place. She watches in pure anticipation hoping for the pair to be caught in the act. It should be noted that our main character, Mrs. Anna Fox, is an agoraphobe and has not dared to leave her home in upwards of ten months. She explains that she and her husband are separated and their eight-year-old daughter lives with him, though she manages to remain in contact. Her favorite pastime is, subsequently, spying between the curtains on her neighbors, particularly the newest neighbors, The Russells’. Her curiosity is only peaked further as she notices the father and son, Alistair and Ethan, but fails to spot the boy’s mother. Days later, Ethan shows up on Anna’s doorstep unannounced with a lavender scented candle claiming the gift is from his mother, Jane. Within hours, a blonde woman with a bright smile appears at Anna’s door and makes her way inside the house. Though confused at first, Anna puts two and two together and becomes acquainted with Jane. As the two become friends, Anna realizes that Alistair Russell may be hiding a darker secret. She suddenly feels an almost overwhelming desire to protect her new friend, Jane and Jane’s sweet teenage son, Ethan. As more unsettling events begin to unfold, Anna gradually reveals to us the details of what has brought her to such an intense level of agoraphobia; the madness of current events that begin to intertwine with her own past. 

This novel is loaded with absolutely riveting twists and turns and kept me on the edge of my seat for its entirety. It is one book I will absolutely recommend to any of you and hey, you might just catch me reading again it with you. 

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