Attorney asks for continuance on multifamily dwelling request

Land proposed for conditional use request on John Cooper Drive

CULLMAN, Ala. – The conditional use request for multifamily dwellings on John Cooper Drive S.E. off Old Hanceville Highway was withdrawn by attorney Matthew Carter at the Cullman Planning Commission meeting on Monday, Feb. 6. 

The proposed project, consisting of 12 apartment buildings housing 400 units, was met with opposition during its public hearing by proprietors of neighboring businesses. Business owners from both Klopfer Painting, located at 1645 John Cooper Drive S.E., and Goat Island Brewing, at 1646 John Cooper Drive S.E., voiced their opinions on the project and how apartments and those residing in them would negatively impact their business. 

“We’re not opposed to building. We’re just opposed to apartments,” said Charlie Klopfer. “First of all we don’t even know what kind of apartments. We don’t know if it’s going to be low income housing, government subsidized or anything like that. That’s the main thing we’re worried about. Once they’re built and brand new, they look all great and wonderful and then, four or five years down the road, what do you got? You know the type of people that will live there and all that. That’s our biggest complaint right there.” 

“Same concerns,” echoed Goat Island’s Brad Glenn. “We don’t know anything about what’s coming and, if there’s another kind of property, we won’t have any opposition to it. We have a lot of customers there and we have a lot of parking. We’re up and down John Cooper Drive and our concern is if it’s low income. Having been a policeman here for 28 years I have a little bit of experience with that and I know what kind of crimes come with it so that’s my concern.” 

The planning commission noted the need for traffic and hydrology study in the future of the project and, after reviewing the conditional use code form and areas that were lacking in the request, Carter asked for the project to be continued to allow time for a more thorough request. 

In other business, a proposed site plan for the redevelopment of Chick-Fil-A, located on Cherokee Avenue S.W., was approved with contingencies. The structure was built in 2003 and the plan calls for a new 5,058 square foot building with new drive thru lanes and additional parking in the same location. 

An annexation request at 1711 Talley Ho Road S.W. which will allow for the expansion of the North Alabama Agriplex was approved to be recommended to the Cullman City Council as were properties located at: 

  • 48 County Road 1474 
  • Three parcels on County Road 1402 (with contingencies)  

Lastly a short form subdivision to combine three lots into one on Lake George, County Road 1335, was approved. 

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