Cullman Classical Homeschool Academy holds history fair

Annabelle and Ebelina Holmes pose in front of their history project on Pacific Northwest Native American art. (Sara Gladney for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Cullman Classical Homeschool Academy (CCHA) held a history fair and Thanksgiving meal at Cullman Nazarene Church on Friday, Nov. 11. The CCHA co-op is a spin off from the Classical Conversations homeschool community in Cullman started seven years ago by Tanya Allcorn and Sara Haynes. Classical Conversations is a Christian-oriented curriculum company and homeschool organization that serves over 45,000 homeschooling families globally.   

The co-op of parents and grandparents volunteer to teach classes in history, science and specific book studies for older students. 

The co-op meets on Tuesdays, and families teach independently the rest of the week.  

Allcorn said, “We tried to stick to a classical curriculum, but what we found is that the kids love the science, geography, the art. Each family has their own curriculum at home – most homeschool people do – but what they can’t get at home, a lot of times, is art and these different types of specific history. This entire semester, this is what we have done. All of the classes have rotated through and learned about Native Americans for six weeks.” 

The History Fair was the culmination of a semester of each class groups’ work studying different Native American tribes. Students gave presentations to guests about different elements or customs of Native American life. 

Allcorn’s children Anna Kate and John Luke were dressed as Hopi Native Americans.  

After the history fair, students and over 100 guests were treated to a Thanksgiving meal provided by homeschool parents.  

The homeschool group takes fieldtrips to various educational stops in Cullman County, recently going by the Little House at Art Park’s Little Free Library to learn about that program and replace some children’s books. Last year they visited Haynes Farms to pick sunflowers and draw them during an art history lesson. CCHA serves kids from pre-K through seventh grade and is currently maxed out with 35 students. 

Allcorn shared what she believes are some of the benefits to homeschooling, saying, “We love the flexibility homeschool gives to explore different areas of interest. We can dedicate additional time to certain subjects during the school year and learn more about that topic with other families. Homeschooling has evolved over the last 10 years to give families wonderful choices in curriculums and educational environments for their own families.” 

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