FCCLA holds County Sweet Potato Cook-Off

Casseroles: Lauryn Hoffman, Allison Miligan, Shelby Thompson, Kendall Bussman

CULLMAN, Ala. – On Nov. 1, 2022, students from the various city and county schools met at the Alabama Farm Credit headquarters in Cullman for the FCCLA County Sweet Potato Cook-Off. The Cullman Sweet Potato Growers Association, Farm-City, Pat Floyd, Doris Patterson and the Alabama Farm Credit sponsored the event. The sweet potato cook-off had four categories, including casseroles, bread, pies and desserts. 

Casserole winners: 

  1. Lauryn Hoffman from Holly Pond 
  1. Allison Milligan from West Point 
  1. Shelby Thompson from Vinemont 
  1. Kendall Bussman from Cullman  
Breads: Raelee Stinson, Sierra Crawford, Lydia Twilley, Ruby Hudson 

Bread winners:  

  1. Raelee Stinson from Cullman  
  1. Sierra Crawford from West Point 
  1. Lydia Twilley from Cold Springs 
  1. Ruby Hudson from Cullman  
Desserts: Macey Garmon, Ally Brannam, Ella Harris, Dakota Barnett 

Dessert winners:  

  1. Macey Garmon from West Point 
  1. Ally Brannam from Cullman 
  1. Ella Harris from Holly Pond 
  1. Dakota Barnett from Good Hope 
Pies: Taylor Tolbert, Aiden Helms, Emilie Hoffman, Chamarie Arrington 

Pie winners:  

  1. Taylor Tolbert from West Point 
  1. Aiden Helms from West Point 
  1. Emilie Hoffman from Vinemont  
  1. Chamaria Arrington from Hanceville  

The sponsors and schools that participated were Stephanie Blair from Cold Springs High School, Amie Veal from the Cullman Area Technology Academy, Carin Rains from Cullman High School, Caitlyn Bowling from Cullman High School, Whitney Haynes from Fairview High School, Amanda Williams from Good Hope High School, Amy Chambers from Hanceville High School, Amelia Burke from Holly Pond High School, Renee Lee from West Point High School and Tammy Whittle from Vinemont High School.