Cullman’s Jeff Byars named 2022 Independent Advocate of the Year

Jeff Byars (Contributed)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA) Jeff Byars, founder of Sun Back Moon, LLC – Private Patient Advocacy & Healthcare Solutions in Cullman, Alabama, was named 2022 Independent Advocate of the Year recently by the Healthcare Advocate Summit, the premier event created by advocates for advocates for anyone involved in medication patient access, navigation and reimbursement. 

Advocates of the Year were named in four categories, with Byars winning the Independent Advocate of the Year, the first award of its kind by the Healthcare Advocate Summit. The awards were presented in New Orleans in September, where more than 300 advocates across a wide spectrum of healthcare specializations gathered for the event. 

BCPAs are patient advocates, credentialed by the Patient Advocate Certification Board, who help patients and their families navigate the healthcare system. They act as supporters and guides, aiding in activities such as communicating with doctors, dealing with insurance companies, scheduling appointments and even finding legal resources. 

Byars, one of the first two BCPAs in Alabama, obtained his certification in 2018 and founded the private patient advocacy organization Sun Back Moon, LLC in 2020 after years of trying to navigate the healthcare system when his daughter, Claire, was in cancer treatment. 

“My entire career had been spent in healthcare as both an Emergency Medical Technician and in hospital reimbursement. I had literally worked in ditches with patients and in executive offices with healthcare administrators. I thought I was set to navigate the healthcare system with ease,” said Byars. “When a tumor was discovered in my 7-month-old daughter, I quickly learned how difficult it is to navigate the system. If it was difficult for me with my background, it must be near impossible for someone with no experience with the system. This led me to patient advocacy, where I can use my life experiences to assist others navigating the difficulties of healthcare.” 

Byars said he was humbled to be named 2022 Independent Advocate of the Year.  

“There are more than 1,000 BCPAs, and countless advocates who are not certified, in the United States and Canada,” he said. “There are just eight BCPAs in Alabama, as patient advocacy is a relatively new profession. BCPA certification only began in 2018. I sat for the very first issuance of the certification exam. There are many more independent advocates out west and in the Northeast, so winning this award and being in the Southeast is an honor.” 

According to The Healthcare Advocate Summit: “The Advocate of the Year is an awards initiative that recognizes the contributions being made across the field by rising stars and emerging leaders working as Healthcare Advocates.” 

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