Relay for Life hosts Wheels at Wallace car show

Cullman's James Lenz won the People's Choice Award at the Wheels at Wallace car show Saturday. (Sammy Confer/The Cullman Tribune)

HANCEVILLE, Ala. — Saturday was a very special day at Wallace State Community College. The school’s Relay for Life team hosted the inaugural Wheels at Wallace car show and there was a great turnout with plenty of cars on-hand to help put a great cause. The team hosted the car show to help benefit the American Cancer Society and Gold Together supporting efforts to battle childhood cancer. 

There were tons of door prizes that were given out during the event as well and a couple of food trucks showed up to help support a great cause. A very nice moment happened during the 50/50 drawing. Toby Miller won $65, but he quickly decided to give the money back to Relay for Life to help them out. The People’s Choice Award was presented at the end of the event and the winner was Cullman’s James Lenz and his 2012 Toyota Tacoma.

Gail Crutchfield, the team captain for the Wallace State Relay for Life team, talked about how the idea of doing a car show first came up.

“We’re always looking for ideas and ways to raise funds for the American Cancer Society,” Crutchfield said. “Renee Quick and her husband, Keith Quick, they own Quick Tires and Miss Quick teaches math here at the college and I knew they were involved in car shows. I approached them to see if they would help in arranging a car show for us to have here for a fundraiser, so they helped us out.”

Gail was really happy to be able to host an event like this at Wallace State.

“It’s really exciting. We had a lot of traffic coming in and out for the people who are here, and you see these cars run by and rev their engines,” Crutchfield said. “People love to see the cars. I loved every car that came through. I couldn’t vote for a People’s Choice winner because I liked all of them too much. It was very exciting to have all of these cars here.”

A lot of families that were in attendance either dealt with cancer or had loved one that have had cancer and this event was a way of giving back. Crutchfield was happy to see a lot of cars show up to support a worthy cause.

“I think all of us have had cancer in our family. My family had it. If you ask every single person here, I’m sure they would tell you that they know somebody that had cancer,” Crutchfield said. “The Wallace State family had many people that had cancer as well, so this was our way to give back and help. I was really pleased with the turnout. I thank every single one of them for coming out and helping support us.”

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