Local couple discusses adoption journey to grow their family

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CULLMAN, Ala. –There’s nothing more exciting for a couple than to bring home a brand-new bundle of joy, and for many, the most successful and fulfilling method to achieve that joy is through adoption. Loren and Jordan Lee of Bremen have recently decided to grow their family through this method. Loren is 27 and teaches fifth grade math in Morgan County. Jordan is 34 and works at McGriff Tire Co. The couple met in 2014 at a mutual friend’s home and quickly became best friends. They were engaged in 2016 and married in 2017. They are now going on five years of marriage. Unfortunately, in 2021, the couple discovered that they could not have children on their own, so they began the process of searching for a child through adoption. “We’ve always talked about wanting to have kids, and Jordan was on a deployment in 2019. He came home in 2020, and we started trying to have a family, and we learned that we couldn’t. We got that final answer last November. So, we really prayed about it and just felt that that was what God was telling us to do,” said Loren.

With the private adoption route the Lee’s are taking, as they find a birth mother with a child up for adoption, they will go through their lawyer who will handle the legalities, though they will still do a home study with social service agency Alabama Baptist Children’s home in Decatur.

The Lee’s have been thinking about baby names and spending as much time with their 10-month-old niece as possible to prepare for caring for a baby.

Loren said that the decision about whether or not the child will have access to their biological parents will be up to the birth mother. “We have not said that we want an open or a closed adoption. We are open to whichever.”

Loren says the couple both have very supportive families who are excited to be involved in the process. Their original post on Facebook announcing their desire to adopt a child reads,

“If you are looking for adoptive parents for your child, or know someone who is, we ask that you remember us and contact us. We know you, as a birth mother, have a huge decision to make concerning your child. It is an amazing thing to think about your child 1st and putting their needs above your own.

We promise to love and cherish your child and give him or her the best life we can give.

 They will be loved and adored (even spoiled) by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and tons of cousins (we have large families!!). We believe it takes a strong, courageous, caring person to consider giving their child up for adoption. We know and respect your desire for the child to have the very best life possible. PLEASE CONTACT us with any questions you may have. We would love to answer any questions and connect with you.”

To contact the Lee’s, email jordanandlorenadoption@gmail.com.

Also, to learn more about them, visit their website at: https://www.leefamilyadopts.com/?fbclid=IwAR3kFOY97TBK5AKKT5TFsBulrH9wzX5SngT6lh7INX3tWuyWVP3tlodX3Lc.

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