Cullman County and City School students honor former Vinemont teacher Savanna Davis Monday

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CULLMAN COUNTY,  Ala. – A sea of red entrenched students across both City and County schools of Cullman today as they stood together to mourn the loss of one of their own, Savanna Terry Davis of Vinemont Elementary School. Posts across social media and campuses alike have given tribute to the widely loved teacher and alumni of Vinemont Schools.

Savanna passed away last Thursday, September 23 from COVID-19 complications,  leaving behind a hole in the hearts of the family, friends, co-workers and students that love her dearly. On Monday, September 27, a vigil was held at Vinemont High School, and was attended by every Vinemont student and teacher to honor her.

With few dry eyes present, Vinemont Elementary’s Coach Josh Drake addressed the students to say, “I went in Savanna’s room on Friday morning, and I looked at her board, and her board— I know everyone has been talking about it— ‘Be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. Keep shining, the world needs your light.’ I got to really ponder on being that rainbow in someone’s cloud and Savanna had that effect on everybody here. She was a rainbow in somebody’s cloud many days because she never complained about anything, and she did what she was supposed to.”

He continued by asking the students, “What makes a rainbow? It has to have light to make a rainbow, does it not? You have to have light to make a rainbow. The Lord put that light in Savanna to make that rainbow. So, I want to challenge everybody to be that rainbow in somebody’s cloud.”

Vinemont Elementary Principal Kim Brown shared, “As an administrator, sometimes you are lucky enough to meet that teacher that you will know change the lives of her students, and that was Savanna Davis. She was passionate about teaching, she loved her kids, and she worked diligently to help her students succeed. Our whole school family is mourning the loss of a wonderful young woman and teacher. She made a difference in the lives of everyone that she met. Savanna told her students to be the rainbow in someone’s cloud. That was how she lived her life. Savanna was the rainbow in all our clouds at Vinemont Elementary. I know that every time that we see a rainbow we will know she is right there with us. Please continue to lift up the entire Vinemont community in prayer.”

Vinemont High School tenth- twelfth  grade English teacher Jennifer James shared with The Tribune, “Savanna was one of my students. She was a really good kid. My daughter had Ms. Terry in kindergarten and Savanna worked all over the elementary. She was an aide last year, so most of the kids knew her pretty well. It has been a rough few days.”

Vinemont High School Government, Economics, & Bible History teacher Cory Drummond gave a short sermon to the students on the story of Job, the things he endured and how he never received an exact answer for ‘why’ all the bad things happened. This tied into how while the students might not always understand why tragedies strike, there is always hope on the other side.

Vinemont High School eleventh-twelfth grade English teacher Jason Teichmiller led the students in prayer as he asked God for their comfort and peace of mind through these difficult times of loss and heartache.

Savanna Davis left a tremendous impact on the people she interacted with each day. She assisted students, cared for them and she loved them. By all accounts, that love was well returned by her students, co-workers, friends and family. On Monday, across City and County campuses alike, it was revealed just how tremendous that impact was.

The students were asked in a social media post made by Vinemont Elementary School to wear red on Monday for the vigil as a means of bringing unity and recognition to all of the hearts Savanna touched in her time here. That social media post was shared 120 times in three days across the community, leading more and more campuses to join the movement to wear red in honor of Savanna.

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Schools such as Holly Pond, Hanceville, Fairview, Welti, Parkside, Harmony, West Point, Good Hope, Sacred Heart, Cold Springs, East Elementary, West Elementary, Cullman City Primary, Cullman Middle, and Cullman High all dawned a splash of red.

Cullman City Superintendent Kyle Kallhoff shared, “Along with our friends at Vinemont Elementary School, we all mourn the loss of Mrs. Davis, who was a great person and devoted teacher who was loved by this community.” He continued, “Hundreds of students across Cullman City Schools are wearing red today, the school colors of Vinemont, as a way to honor her memory.”

Businesses such as Victory Cheer Academy asked their students to wear red as well, with Downtown Nutrition- Cullman designating their drink, the ‘Vinemont Eagle’ in honor of Savanna.

Hanceville Elementary (Photo contributed)

Coach Drake addressed all in attendance one final time, “We appreciate you coming. This is all to honor Savanna but at the end of the day, it is to point you towards Jesus because that is what matters. I was young and my grandpa had a brother who passed away. I put my arm around him and said, ‘He is in a better place.’ And he said, ‘I know. I am going to miss him.’ And I thought that was probably the wisest thing that I had ever heard. When they know that when we lose loved ones, they are in a better place but at the end of the day, we are all going to miss not being able to see that person anymore. We are going to continue to pray for the Elementary School. They have been very affected by this, and I hope you all find your strength in Jesus.”

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