Revenue commissioner announces changes for October and in 2022

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CULLMAN, Ala. – The Office of Revenue Commission announced big changes coming for Cullman in regard to tags, decals and stickers beginning October 1, 2021. 

Revenue Commissioner Barry Willingham said the State of Alabama is making numerous changes in tags for 2022, including truck and trailer tags, all commercial tags, a new tow truck tag, disability tags and a new standard county plate.

“As of October 1, of this year, all the commercial tags with the X1-X9, (the stacked characters that we used to have), are going away. It won’t have the numbers, it will just say ‘truck,’” Willingham said. “Recreational vehicles had R1- R9, it will just say recreational. Every year the new tag decal will be yellow. The new tag styles are also changing for 25 tags with a new background, color, etc.” 

Willingham said the biggest thing is that people are going to be thinking they have the wrong tag, but it will be correct, just different.

“Any tag can now be handicapped endorsed with a blue decal that will go in the left-hand corner,” Willingham said. “Starting January 1, all tags will require that you have to have new certifications as well.”

Other specifics of changes include: 

The Legislative Act 2021-134 (effective June 1, 2021) exempts electric bicycles (defined in 32-6-1.1 as a vehicle less than 750 watts, with a seat and can’t travel over 25mph) from titling, insurance and registration requirements.

Beginning October 1, 2021, license plates will no longer include stacked characters. The name of the plate category (TRUCK, TAXI, BUS, etc.) will appear at the bottom of the plate. The license plate will contain up to seven (7) alphanumeric characters, including the county indicator (1-67), which will continue to be the first two alphanumeric characters. The registered weight of the vehicle should be reflected on the registration receipt.

Also beginning October 1, 2021, a restricted license plate will be available for motor vehicle wreckers. As defined in Section 40-12-248, Code of Ala. 1975, and administrative rule 810-5-1-.207, a wrecker is a vehicle used primarily to move, tow or recover disabled motor vehicles or used for impoundment purposes. The registration fees are based on the gross vehicle weight of the wrecker only without regard to the gross vehicle weight of any motor vehicle to be towed by the wrecker. The name of the license plate classification “wrecker” will appear at the bottom of the plate.

The Legislative Act 2021 – 337 (effective October 1, 2021) amends §40-12-248, Code of Ala. 1975 to remove the limit on farm tags issued to truck-tractors owned by a farmer. The act allows any size truck or truck-tractor transporting forestry products to display the restricted Forestry Products tag. The act also removes the requirement for a paper declared gross vehicle weight affidavit. Refer to Administrative Rule 810-5-1-.442 (updates effective 11/8/2021) for further information.

Beginning October 1, 2021, licensing officials should begin issuing registrations using the revised registration receipt. The revised receipt will allow more space for county fees to be captured on the receipt. The barcode on the receipt will reflect both registrant and vehicle information (registrant name, address, VIN, make, model, plate number, insurance/expiration date and primary tag type). The registration record should also be revised to refiltration date and primary tag type).

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