Children share why they love Easter


Colin Hyde- age 11

What do you like about Easter? I like the competition about Easter eggs and I really like to find all of them. I love my family because they are super nice to me and I don’t get to see them that much. I like to spend time with my family because they are so good and hunting Easter eggs gives me something to do. 

Colin Hyde (Lesley Hyde)

Maggie Phillips- age 8

What’s something you like about Easter? It’s so exciting to look at my basket in the morning and seeing what’s inside of it. I also like finding Easter eggs and hiding them for my little brother. 

What does Easter mean to you? Easter is such a special day because we are celebrating the day Jesus rose from the dead. 

Maggie Phillips (Eric Phillips)

Zoeleen Freeman- age 5

What do you love about Easter? Trying to get more eggs than my brothers!

When Zoeleen isn’t hunting eggs with her brothers, Connor (3), Davey (2) and Eugene (1), her mother Neotia Freeman said, “They love to do crafts and they live for the messes. They love the thrill of finding surprises outside. We love a good reason to be outside enjoying time with one another. Days we can make magic for our kids is what makes the holidays.” 

Zoeleen Freeman (Neotia Freeman)

Kayson Britton- age 5

Why is Easter special to you? I think to me Easter is special to share and have fun. If you don’t like the candy in your egg, maybe your sister will trade. I like hunting eggs and Jesus came here to die so we can have this day. 

Audrey Britton- age 9

What does Easter mean to you? First, we all get our basket and we have an Easter egg hunt. Next, we see who found the golden egg- which is so, so cool. Then, we get to eat some food and we play with family and friends. Finally, I sometimes see a bunny with a basket of eggs. 

Oakley Britton- age 4

What does Easter mean to you? What Easter means to me is when my family gathers at someone’s house and eats a meal. Then we go outside to hunt for Easter eggs. After that, we go inside and have dessert or us kids sneak some before. To me, it’s all about having fun with your family and I think that’s really special. 

Oakley and Kayson (Hilda Watts)

Madeline Hill- age 12

What is your favorite Easter activity? My favorite Easter activity is making Resurrection rolls. You take crescent rolls, sugar, cinnamon, butter and a marshmallow. You take the marshmallow and you roll in in the butter and the cinnamon and sugar. You place it in the crescent roll then bake it. You open it up and the marshmallow is gone. What that represents is the empty tomb. The sugar and the cinnamon represent the spices and the oils that were used to anoint Jesus’s body before he was laid in the tomb. 

Steele Hill- age 12

What is your favorite Easter memory? When I was officially adopted. Easter took on a whole new meaning for me because Easter is new beginnings and new life.

Madeline Hill (Becca Hill)
Steele Hill (Becca Hill)