PREP BASKETBALL: Maddox passes Aycock to become Good Hope’s all-time leading scorer

Good Hope’s Cole Maddox (2) passed Kyle Aycock’s 1,737 career points in the area tournament finals last week to become the new all-time leading scorer in Raiders history. (Martha Needham for The Cullman Tribune)

GOOD HOPE, Ala. – Raider history was made during last week’s 4A, Area 12 Tournament. During Good Hope’s matchup with Oneonta in the tournament title game, senior guard Cole Maddox passed former Raiders standout Kyle Aycock to become the all-time leading scorer in Good Hope High School’s history. After putting up 40 in the Raiders’ most recent victory over D.A.R. in sub-regionals, Maddox now holds 1,794 career points, breaking Aycock’s previous record of 1,737.

Good Hope Head Coach Drew Adams has been coaching Cole for all four of his years at Good Hope and he’s been very blessed to see him accomplish so much behind his amazing work ethic.

“When I first came to Good Hope, I knew he had an incredible work ethic and was a pure scorer, but I never knew that he’d have an unbelievable career he’s had,” Adams said. “I’m extremely proud of him for becoming the all-time leading scorer in Good Hope history. I really like his work ethic. He’s constantly in the gym or the weight room doing whatever he can to make himself better.”

Maddox didn’t think much of the record throughout the season or how close he was until Adams dropped the news on him after the game.

“I had no idea that I was even close,” Maddox said. “I didn’t even know what the record was. But one friend mentioned it to me the day of the game, but I didn’t think much about it. Then Coach told me after the game, and I was in shock because that’s a great accomplishment. It just made me think how truly blessed I am with everything God has given me. All glory to him! But it couldn’t have happened without my principal, Mr. John Hood; he’s helped me get into the gym so much and with my great coach for pushing me and wanting me to be great. Those two made this possible.”

Cole feels blessed to have had Coach Adams as his coach for all four years and he’s been able to learn a lot from him on and off the court.

“He’s a man that is truly unselfish and is a great Christian man,” Maddox said. “He wants it for us so bad and he puts in all the time and effort to make us the best team and players we can be. He’s a great coach willing to do whatever it takes. But we as a team are really close to him so we joke around and have a great time with him off the court as well. Good Hope is very grateful to have him.”

Good Hope is going to Regionals for the first time since 2008 and Cole, alongside his cousin Drew, have been playing basketball together since they were very young. Cole feels very lucky to have him as a cousin and as one of the many teammates that has helped him become a better player and person.

“Drew’s my day one brother, and I wouldn’t trade anything for my brother/cousin,” Maddox said. “We’ve been through everything together. I love him to death. We have been super close my whole life. Just like all of my best friends, we’ve been balling since we were kids and we’ve been best friends since we were kids. So, we know each other extremely well and that’s why we play good together. I couldn’t have wished for a better team and best friends. I’m blessed God put me around these great guys.”

After getting their revenge against the Patriots Tuesday, Cole and the rest of the Raider team have shifted their focused to Monday’s regional showdown against Anniston.

“We aren’t going to enjoy this win against D.A.R. any longer,” Maddox said. “All of our focus is on Anniston and trying to go take care of them and get a win. I’m feeling great and it’s always good to get battle-tested early. That game showed me even more how much my teammates will fight and give me their all to not lose. We are going to practice hard this week and weekend and go give it our best shot Monday, then we will see what happens.”

Good Hope’s student section has been nothing short of amazing throughout the season and Cole had to thank them for all of the support he and his fellow Raiders have felt. 

“Having the support of the students and the fans has helped us out a tremendous amount. Most of the people in the student section, we are all friends with or know them. So, when they come out and cheer us on, we want to give them everything we can and get them a win,” Maddox said. “Most importantly, we all are blessed to have great parental guidance along the way. I know all of my best friends’ moms and dads. They are all great people and come support us at every game. I just want to keep doing everything I can to make my family proud.”

The assistant coaches, Bailey Smith, and Drew’s father Scott Adams have also been instrumental in helping out Cole with his game on and off the court.

“Bailey has been close to all of us as players and he’s giving me a couple free hoodies,” Maddox chuckled. “He’s a great person and we are glad he’s been a part of this journey. He also is still really young and can still play. So, he plays and competes against us with the scout team. Scott Adams brings in that energy that every team needs. He wants to see us succeed just as much as Coach Adams. He puts in tons and tons of time scouting and watching film trying to give us the best chance of winning. My favorite Scott Adams line is, “When there is blood in the water, we’ll be the sharks.”. He’s a great coach and I have so much respect for him.”

Good Hope will head to Jacksonville State for the Northeast Regional and face Anniston Monday morning at 10:30 in hopes of moving on to the elite eight Wednesday.

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