Files from Yesteryear: 1936, 1950


From the Files of 1936:

The Jetton reunion held on the Fourth of July had forty people present, including some relatives from Blount County.

Mrs. Charlie Speegle, of Birmingham and Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Clapp, of Hanceville, were the Tuesday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Nuss.

Several people from Walter attended the singing at Center Hill, on Sunday.

Doctor and Mrs. Wallace Culpepper and family, of Atlanta, Georgia are here for a visit to his mother’s, Mrs. Belle Culpepper.

Misses Beryl and Geneva King, of West Point spent the past weekend at home.

Mr. and Mrs. John Pesto and children have returned from a visit to his mother in Ohio.

John Morris and Dennis Husky enjoyed part of Sunday in the swimming pool at Malone’s in Decatur.


From the Files of 1950:

L.H. Perdue of Bethany is seriously ill.

The Craft family held a reunion at the home of J.H. Craft on August 20th.

Jurors for the current term are: H.E. Buchman, Ed C Feiertag, E.L. Patrick, Johnie Lee, Alfred E. Fant, Bruce Pylant, W.M.   West, Marion Willard  Thomas, W.S. Gibson, Louie E. Hauk, Emil W. Buettner, Joe Arndt, Cletus R. Link, J.F. McGukin, C.T. Scott, Charles R. Livingston, Lester Lee, Harold E. Miller, Luther M. Hinkle, Hubert McCoy,  James E. Nail, C.T. Burkart, Maurice Dean, Vester B. Ballard, Woodie Jackson, Clyde C. Lee, Ira Self, J.C. Hancock, R.G. Brown, Thomas Phillips, Ofel Calvert, Dewey Still, Robbie J. Hyatt, B.M. Abbott, Millard E. Harbison, C.M. Johnson, C.J. Harp, Wyle G. Rhodes, Emery L. Entrekin, Troy Young, L.E. Stevens, Clyde W. White, Loyd Smith, Jim M. Sterling, J. Maddox,  J.A.  Bryant, T.A. Hardin, Frank D. Alvis, Ellis V. Brakefield, Herbert Jordan, Charlie Nesmith, Clifford Goodwin, J. Oliver Smith, Homer Crutchfield, W. R. Bradford, R.E. Holmes, Emmit   Couch, G.F. Livingston, A.W. Oaks, M.K. Taylor, Dorsey G. Kilgore, Douglas Hooten, Garlon Bennefield, Ross Causey, Joe   Kelley, J.T.   Wilks, Burtis Butler, G.A. Ellard, W.C. Jones, Clifton Jones, Buell Walker, Jacob Schaffer, E.C. Glasscock, J.D. Glasscock, W.R.  Dyer, J.D. Gorham, E.F. Brannon, R.L. Brannon, M. Calvert, Junior, Erving F. Kilgo, Goodein   Oplur, J.E. Blackwell, B.A. Burnham, Wallace Yarbrough, Adolphus Latham, R.V. Howse, J.D. Lay, Albert Keller, Ottis Glasscock and R.J. Dukes.

Mr. Edward and Donald Handley spent the night with their cousins, Dick, Dennis and James Handley last Saturday night.

Those married on July 10, 1936 were: Dwight Nelson, 20, to Miss Rosa Day, 20 and Lenard Morgan, 29, to Emmie McSwain, 30.

Mrs. Burt Spiegle and son, Jack, are building a modern, new home in West Cullman, between the residences of Miss Nell Sewell and attorney, J.M. Kilpatrick.

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