Files from Yesteryear: 1900, 1956


From the Files of 1900

Henry Rehling, well-known and highly esteemed farmer, died here on Wednesday.

J.R. Griffin and little son spent Wednesday in Birmingham.

A number of cases of typhoid fever are reported in different parts of this county.

Mrs. C.T. Mitchell returned Tuesday from a week’s visit with her sister, Mrs. J.K. Turner, at Simcoe.

Charlie Wollenhaupt left this week for Birmingham, where he has accepted a position.

Marriage licenses have been issued to Richard E. Duke and Miss Lucy C. Walker; Henry M. Bartlett and Miss Lula Hardman; David R. McDearmond and Miss Sarah L. Jones and William P. Bush and Miss Mary Bagley.

William Sandlin and sons have just completed a fine barn for Berry Hinds.

Henry Arnold was in Hanceville on business this week.

Tom Chandler lost a fine mule last week, while making syrup.

R.J. Grubbs, of Fairplay, Texas has returned here for a visit, after an absence of three years. He says Alabama is the place for health and Texas is the place to make money.

C.C. McDaniel is sick.


From the Files of 1956

Mrs. Brooks Dies

Mrs. Ida Elizabeth Brooks, 74, of Route Nine, Cullman, died at Cullman Hospital on December 8th and funeral services were held at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Surviving are two sons, Horace Brooks, Senior and Marvin Earl Brooks; two daughters, Mrs. Lois Collier and Mrs. Ruby Weissend; 14 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

The residence of the Harry McNabbs, on McNabb Road, was damaged by fire shortly after noon on Saturday.

The fire started from a grass fire. Mr. McNabb was burning grass around his place. The fire burned down a wood shed and spread to the house and damaged two rooms.

Fire Chief John Hasenbein warns everybody to be very careful when burning grass or trash.

“The fire often gets out of control, like Mr. McNabb’s did,” commented the chief.

Carl Davis and Shirley Woodard have been chosen by the faculty of Cullman High as the 1956-57 Good Hope Citizen boy and girl. Carl is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Davis, of Cullman. Shirley, who lives at Child Haven, is serving as secretary of the senior class. Other candidates nominated by the senior class were June Johnston, Anna Marie Hancock, George Nonaker and Ted Howard.

The main office of King Pharr Canning Operations will soon be located in Cullman. Announcement that the headquarters of this firm being established here was made this week by Julian L. McPhillips, newly-elected president of the organization.

Serving with Mr. McPhillips, who is also treasurer, are: William W. McPhillips, of Selma, Alabama, executive vice-president and secretary and two Cullman citizens, Conrad Howard, vice- president and assistant secretary and F.E. Saint John, Junior, vice-president and general counsel.

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