Baileyton Council adding new security measures for community

Harold Nelson discussing security cameras to the council (Christy Perry for The Cullmnan Tribune)

BAILEYTON, Ala – The Baileyton Town Council considered adding security cameras to the town’s facilities to help reduce theft, vandalism and drug use. Harold Nelson, owner of Sweetwater Security Systems, addressed the council about their services and costs.

Mayor Dyar explained, “Three times we have found needles in the women’s bathroom (at the park) and once in a suitcase on the side of the road.”

The council members agreed that the need for security cameras was long overdue. Nelson brought equipment to show the council.

“We use high definition cameras at and all 5 megapixels, which is the latest technology. It’s good equipment. We maintain it and if you have an issue, we take care of it, “Nelson said.

Sweetwater Security System offered a 48-month lease with no down payment. Each camera cost $30 per month to maintain. The town was unsure of the number of cameras would be needed to adequately cover the ballpark, townhall, the senior center, the storm shelters and other municipal properties so they asked Nelson to come back on Wednesday morning to visit the different locations. The council approved entering into a contract with Sweetwater Security.

Mayor Dyar and the council continued their discussion regarding creating a list of improvements they would like to see in the town of Baileyton. Representative Randall Shedd and Senator Garlan Gudger had requested a list of improvements. Among the items discussed were roads, a veteran’s memorial in the park and an ambulance service.

Community members discussed some concerns about the town’s ballfields. They asked the mayor to treat the infields with weed killer to keep the grass from growing there. Mayor Dyar agreed to address the issue Tuesday morning.

The council also set prices for renting the ball-fields for tournaments. The price is $150 per field per day and an additional $100 for use of the lights. In the event of a rain out, the town will reschedule the tournament. Tournament organizers would be responsible for providing their own booth for concessions.

The Baileyton Town Council meets on the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m.