YOUTH FOOTBALL: Week 4 scoring roundup

Sammy Confer for The Cullman Tribune

Cullman Bearcat Fisher Gammon (11) goes for a big gain in Saturday’s Fireplug game against Cold Springs.  (Sammy Confer for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN – Here’s how games played out in week four of the Cullman County youth football season.

Cullman Bearcats 20, Cold Springs 16 (Fireplug)

After a closely contested first half, Cullman stretched its lead to 20-8 a little bit into the second half, but the Eagles cut it to 20-16, getting the ball back looking to win the game. The Bearcat defense forced a turnover on downs to hang on to the win.

Cold Springs 8, Cullman Bearcats 0 (Wee-Wee)

The Eagles’ Wee-Wee squad put up the only touchdown of the game with a little more than a minute left to go in the contest as Cold Springs went on to take the game in a very low-scoring affair.

Cullman Bearcats 44, Cold Springs 0 (Pee-Wee)

The Bearcats’ Pee-Wee team dominated the Eagles from start to finish in its shutout victory.


Holly Pond 20, West Point 14 (Fireplug)

The Broncos hung on to defeat West Point in the first game of the series.

West Point 34, Holly Pond 6 (Wee-Wee)

The Warriors’ Wee-Wee squad dominated in game two, winning handily over Holly Pond.

West Point 46, Holly Pond 14 (Pee-Wee)

West Point dominated Holly Pond from start to finish in the Pee-Wee game.


Vinemont 12, Good Hope Outlaws 0 (Fireplug)

Vinemont’s Fireplug squad took home the shutout victory over the Outlaws.

Good Hope Outlaws 20, Vinemont 6 (Wee-Wee)

Good Hope took game two of the series, winning by two touchdowns over the Eagles.

Vinemont 12, Good Hope Outlaws 0 (Pee-Wee)

The Eagles went on to shut out the Outlaws in the final game of the series.


Good Hope Raiders 36, Fairview 0 (Fireplug)

The Raiders’ Fireplug squad dominated the Aggies in its shutout victory.

Fairview 14, Good Hope Raiders 0 (Wee-Wee)

Fairview shut out the Raiders in the Wee-Wee game in a low-scoring affair.

Good Hope Raiders 20, Fairview 0 (Pee-Wee)

Good Hope won the final game of the series, shutting out the Aggies.


Hanceville 22, Cullman Cyclones 0 (Fireplug)

Hanceville’s Fireplug team shut out the Cyclones in the first game of the series.

Cullman Cyclones 24, Hanceville 0 (Wee-Wee)

Cullman took game two as the Cyclones shut out the Bulldogs.

Cullman Cyclones 28, Hanceville 8 (Pee-Wee)

The Cyclones finished 2-1 on the day as they defeated Hanceville.

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