Primary Elections today! (links to candidate info)


CULLMAN – The day is finally here.  After months of hard, sometimes harsh, campaigning, the candidates must now sit back and wait while the voters decide in the Republican and Democratic Primary Elections. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Remember: Alabama voters must declare a party before they cast their ballots. That means, when you show up to your polling place, you’ll have to choose to vote in either the Republican or Democratic Primary. You can’t vote in both. Important to remember is whichever party you choose on June 5 is the party you must stick with if there happens to be a run-off election. For example, if you vote Republican on June 5, and there’s a run-off on the Democratic ticket, you can’t vote in that run-off. That rule, the crossover voting rule, only applies to primary elections. (Note: For the 2020 elections, voters may change political parties. A voter does not have to remain consistent with the party her or she chose in the 2018 primary election.) In the November general election, both parties will be on your ballot.

Also remember: Alabama voters are required to show photo identification before voting. Types of IDs accepted are valid driver's license, valid nondriver ID, valid Alabama photo voter ID, valid state-issued ID, valid federal-issued ID, valid US passport, valid employee ID from federal government, State of Alabama, county, municipality, board or other entity of this state, valid student or employee ID from a public or private college or university in the State of Alabama (including postgraduate technical or professional schools), valid military ID or valid tribal ID.

Find out more, including your polling location, at

Below is a list of candidates who will be on the ballots.

Republican candidates


Lt. Governor

Attorney General

Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court

Associate of the Alabama Supreme Court, Place 1

  • Debra Jones  
  • Brad Mendheim  
  • Sarah Hicks Stewart  

Associate of the Alabama Supreme Court, Place 4

  • John Bahakel  
  • Jay Mitchell  

Alabama Court of Civil Appeals, Place 1

  • Christy Olinger Edwards   
  • Pat Thetford    
  • Michelle Manley Thomason   

Alabama Court of Civil Appeals, Place 2

  • Chad Hanson   
  • Terri Willingham Thomas (incumbent)

Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 1

  • Richard Minor  
  • Riggs Walker   

Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 2

  • Rich Anderson  
  • Chris McCool  
  • Dennis O’Dell  

Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3

  • Donna Beaulieu  
  • Bill Cole  

Secretary of State


  • David L. Black
  • Stephen D Evans
  • John McMillan


Agriculture and Industries

Public Service Commission, Place 1

Public Service Commission, Place 2

Alabama House District 9:

Alabama House District 12:

Alabama Senate District 4:

Cullman County Probate Judge

Associate Cullman County Commissioner, West Side

Circuit Judge, Place 2

Cullman County School Board, Fairview District

  • Bill Ballew
  • Shane Rusk
  • Michael Knop

Cullman County School Board, Good Hope District

  • Jason Speegle (incumbent)
  • Kerry Neighbors

 U.S. Representative, 4th Congressional District


Democratic candidates


Secretary of State

Attorney General

 U.S. Representative, 4th Congressional District


See full sample ballots here:

Republican Primary Sample Ballot:…/380326175/Sample-Ballot-Republican

Democratic Primary Sample Ballot:…/380326176/Sample-Ballot-Democratic


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