Congratulations to the Good Hope High School Class of 2018!


Congratulations to the Good Hope High School Class of 2018!

(Listed alphabetically) Mikayla Adams, Zackery Akers, Breanna Allen, Hannah Allred, Carrie Baker, Cheyanne Barnett, Tiera Brooks, R.J. Bynum, Cody Canady, Kyle Carlton, Dylan Casewell, Shawn Casey, Josiah Cofer, Stephanie Cortes, Allison Crawford, Emily Creel, Madison Creel, Hayley Crider, Makenna Davis, Kyle Dibble, Will Dickerson, Carrie Grace Doss, Austin Duncan, Austin Eakes, Jacob Essmon, Justin Farmer, Sadie Fendley, Tiphani Gay, Hannah Gillette, Cynthia Gonzalez, Cruz Halbrook, Elizabeth Harbison, Brianna Horton, Sydney Hughes, Jason Hunt, Mason Hunt, Cassidy Johnson, Hunter Kaser, Walker Kaser, Kate Kent, Marissa King, Ally Knight, Makayla Lackey, Isaih Lemus, Kayley Lindsey, Blake Lyle, Skyler Lynn, Cole McDonald, Emilee Marty, Brianna McCluskey, Isaac McDonald, Tyler McDonald, Gary Mitchell, Mason Moniz, Alexa Morton, Lane Mosburg, Jessica Mosley, Erika Nava, Brooke Norris, Dakota Norwood, Christopher Parker, Charis Peek, Amber Pope, Dawson Presto, Rene Pretorius, Tucker Putman, Gabrielle Quebedeaux, Lilly Randau, Alex Rasco, Max Ratcliff, Jerome Reynolds, Matthew Rodriguez, Haley Runge, Madison Rushing, Makayla Sartin, Gabby Schwaiger, Autumn Scott, Leyton Seal, Austin Smith, Emma Smith, Chance Speegle, Amber Sterling, Callie Sterling, Haleigh Styles, Chase Taylor, Colton Thomas, Zachary Turney, Hannah Warren, Hunter Watwood, Jacob Weeks, Ashley Welch, Tyler Wilson, Austin Wisener and Erika Woodall. Not pictured: Paige Ausban, James Barbee, Bobby Barfield, Mallory Benson, Holly Brunner, Dalton Echols, Dalton Hagemore, Taylor Harris, Tylar Hyde, Blake Keller, Tyler Legg, Cameron Morgan, Mason Naler, Cody Peek, Robert Roberson, Gary Mitchell, Malachi Runkel, Lillith Russell, Kana Schofield, Jordan Shearin and Kyle Simmons (Photo by Shelly Smith)

Graduation is Saturday, May 26, 2018, at 2 p.m. at Wallace State Community College’s Tom Drake Coliseum.

Our 2018 seniors are a unique, hard-working, distinguished group. They have been a joy for our teachers to work with and have accomplished goals provided to them by the faculty and staff. This group will always be remembered and has left their mark on Good Hope High. I wish them well on their journey and look forward to seeing what each of them accomplish.”
Dr. John Hood, principal, Good Hope High School

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