Ball fields, storm shelters and a new town hall


Baileyton Mayor Johnny Dyar at Monday night’s town council meeting / Nick Griffin

BAILEYTON – Baseball fields, storm shelters and a new town hall. Those were the top three items on the agenda at Monday night’s Baileyton Town Council meeting. 

Mayor Johnny Dyar and the council spent a fair amount of time discussing work that needs to be done on the town’s baseball fields. No official decisions were made, but the council is mulling adjustments to the field’s drainage system, infield grass and finding a way to build something to shield the batters’ eyes from the sun during certain times of the day.

The council approved resolution no. 2018-01 to request a grant for two new storm shelters for Baileyton. Dyar said he has seen the need for some added shelter space for several years and the problem becomes magnified when severe weather comes through the area.

“We’ve got one up here right behind the town hall, behind the senior center, and it’s full during every storm. A lot of times people have to stand outside,” Dyar said. “That’s the reason why we thought we should build two more. We’re going to build one over here at the cemetery, on Cemetery Road, and we’re going to build the other one up at the park so that if there’s a ball game or anybody at the school up there they can use our storm shelter.”

Dyar said he believes that by having several storm shelter locations, the town will be able to provide for multiple groups of people that may have different needs. He said his biggest concern is trying to make everyone as comfortable as possible when the shelters become necessary.

To wrap up the meeting, the council reviewed the specs for the new town hall project. The new building will have updated security features like motion-sensing lights on all four corners of the structure and video surveillance. It will also feature more space in several areas like the foyer, offices and in the main conference room. After going over the dimensions of some of the new rooms and paying all the unpaid bills, the council adjourned for the evening.

The Baileyton Town Council meets at Baileyton Town Hall, located at 95 Fire Station Road, on the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m.

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