Update: Mae’s Food Hall taking shape

W.C. Mann

Developer Shane Quick isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty to bring Mae’s to life.

CULLMAN – “Rock the South” mastermind Shane Quick set his sights on the Warehouse District, and his plans are getting closer to completion.  The Tribune caught up with Quick at the site of the upcoming Mae’s Food Hall for an update on progress. 

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“We’re excited about it,” said Quick.  “We’re interviewing chefs from all over the Southeast; we’ve got a couple of more spots left for future tenants.  We’re really getting into the design and creative process now, and deciding on finishing touches.  The interior is about to get underway: the framing and steel work, furniture and those type things.  It’s real exciting times; it’s all coming together.”

Quick expects to have from four to six food vendors in Mae’s when it opens.  The venue will also feature an arcade with Skee-ball and classic 80s and 90s arcade games like Galaga, Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.

Quick said, “Young people love those games as well.  My son is 11, and Donkey Kong is his favorite game.  Mae’s is going to be a venue for all ages: big and small, young and old.  Bring the babies, and bring the teens and the college students.  It’s for everybody.  That’s the idea.”

Quick has been pleased with the community’s response, saying, “The city’s been a massive support.  The Warehouse District merchants have been a huge encouragement, and I think people are ready for Mae’s to open.  We’re working every day, even here on a Saturday, to get things going.  The quicker we can get it up, the quicker we can get these streets full, selling more merchandise for our retailers around here, as well as our restaurants; having a great place for our community to hang out and socialize, eat, drink and play.”

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