OPINION: Why I Am Voting for Donald Trump

ABC News

Why I am voting for Donald Trump:

  • Trump’s company of $10 billion has a larger budget than 15 other U.S. states’ budgets that are managed by governors and state legislatures.
  • Trump is one of only two candidates in the race who has ever actually balanced a budget (the other being John Kasich).
  • Trump employs over 30,000 people, roughly the size of a city like Decatur.
  • Over the last decade alone, Trump has created over 100,000 jobs through his company.
  • Trump has spent only a few million on his campaign while his opposition, such as Jeb Bush, has spent up to $50 million dollars on their campaigns. Trump has been leading the race since he entered while spending the least of any candidate.
  • Trump also has taken no money from special interest groups, lobbyists or other organizations, which allows him to be beholden to no special interest.
  • Trump owns real estate in dozens of U.S. cities, knowing the differences in local economies, work force availability and various policies and regulations of cities and states.
  • Trump has a vast knowledge of the country’s tax system and how it applies to businesses and has seen first hand the trickle-down effect it has on making the U.S. not a competitive system for businesses and creating jobs.
  • Trump had to implement Obamacare with all 30,000 of his employees and saw the disaster it created; he advocates making healthcare a competitive, free-market system to drive prices to consumers down.
  • Trump has managed executive departments within his company and kept them running as efficiently as possible with as few staff as possible, the smallest budget possible and the maximum results – this is exactly what the next president must do to shrink the over-bloated federal government, where he will directly oversee these operations and be able to cut budgets, positions and waste.
  • Trump owns property in dozens of foreign countries including South Korea, India, China, Ireland, Dubai and others.
  • Ownership of foreign properties always starts with a heavy research and development phase to find out everything about the foreign country’s tax code, laws, economic barriers to entry and other aspects of hosting a business there; this gives Trump enormous expertise on foreign trade, foreign business, laws and taxes of foreign countries, unfair currency manipulation, etc.
  • Most politicians have only read about or voted on a few bills when it comes to the global economy, while Trump has immense experience on the topic.
  • In addition to knowing about the economic and legal systems of foreign countries, Trump also has hands-on knowledge of the threats to his company in each country. This includes all of the unrest in the middle east, terrorism, Syrian refugees and other issues that could hinder his business operations; he therefore knows a great deal about these issues.
  • With Republicans winning the U.S. House and Senate in 2010, we have since been promised the last six years we would have ObamaCare overturned, stop illegal executive actions, cut and balanced a budget and more.
  • Both Democrats and the current Republican leadership and Washington establishment have failed to keep their word. We now have executive orders limiting gun control, an omnibus bill that gave Obama and the Democrats everything they wanted, passage of the TPP giving Obama immense authority on foreign trade with the ability to bypass congress, a horrifying Iran nuclear deal, a terrorist group in Isis that has grown, thrived and has caused hundreds of casualties to U.S. citizens in different terror threats and other overreach of the U.S. President that has been met with NO RESPONSE by our elected Republican officials in Washington, D.C.
  • Trump’s outsider status and anti-establishment sentiment will give him the best shot to win both the Republican nomination and the general election against Hillary Clinton.

This is why I am voting for Trump, and if you agree with me, please remind your family and friends to go vote this Tuesday for Trump!  Even if you are not a Trump supporter, this election is CRITICAL, so please remind your family and friends to get out to the polls and support any of our Republican candidates who will ALL be better than Hillary Clinton by a long shot!

God Bless,

Waid Harbison