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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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    Point of View: Logan fire chief addresses water controversy

    The front portion of Brick Haven was declared a total loss following the July 1 fire. / Aerial Envision CULLMAN - In the aftermath of...

    Brick Haven fire exposes weakness in water system; Co. water dept....

    Firefighters on the scene of the fully-involved blaze at Brick Haven on July 1 were frustrated with the available water pressure. This photo shows...

    Update: Portion of Brick Haven event venue a “total loss”

    Brick Haven, as seen the morning of Saturday, July 1, 2017 / Bridget Turner Millwood CULLMAN - A portion of wedding and event venue Brick...

    Multiple departments on scene of fire at Brick Haven

    See full update at http://www.cullmantribune.com/articles/2017/07/01/update-portion-brick-haven-event-venue-total-loss CULLMAN - Multiple departments are on the scene of a fully involved fire at Brick Haven, located at 1889 U.S....