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    Let’s not become a people who dread sunrise

    I can remember a time when I dreaded sundown. I was a kid afraid of the dark and the monsters that lived under my bed. Eventually,...

    Billy Bob’s Stories and Stuff: When our cars only had two-sixty air conditioning

    I have a serious problem. Well, serious might be an overstatement, but it is as least an uncomfortable situation. I live in the deep-south,...
    Anna Jarvis, about 1900. FPG / Archive Photos / Getty Images

    A special day to honor our mothers

    Perhaps you’ve never heard of Ann Marie Reeves Jarvis, but because of her, we celebrate Mother’s Day. She was born in Culpepper, Virginia, on...

    Billy Bob’s Stories and Stuff: To catch a mockingbird

    Those silly dogs of mine will chase anything that moves and a few things that don’t. They rarely catch the things they chase except...

    Billy Bob’s Stories and Stuff: I’ve had that surgery

    Occasionally, someone will ask me how many times I’ve been in the hospital.  For a little fun, I often reply, “Oh, I’ve lost count,...
    Bill King

    She Was Always There

    When I was growing up the one person who was always there for me was my mother. I was born in the old DeKalb...