Vinemont Town Council sets meeting to address concerns at Vinemont Estates

Charlotte Cosper, Bonnie Goodwin, Sonya Copeland and Mayor Dodson (Sara Gladney for The Cullman Tribune)

VINEMONT, Ala. – The South Vinemont Town Council on Tuesday evening updated the community, confirming an upcoming Movie Night on May 14 at 7:45 p.m. at the Community Center showing the Disney movie Encanto.

 In new business, the council approved the resolution to send Bonnie Goodwin and Nina Justice to be voting delegates at the Alabama League of Municipalities Conference to vote on the resident and other members of the association.

The council renamed the CDBG checking account from 2018 ED Road Improvement Project to SM-ED-PF-21-006 Jack’s Improvement Project.

Mike Graves reported that work will begin on the concrete pavement at the fire department before the end of the month. “It’s 20 plus years old. I believe that it was a poorly mixed concrete mixture. It’s just a chunk in the center of it where one of the loads of concrete wasn’t what it was supposed to have been,” Mayor Dodson stated. Most of the existing concrete will be removed but will try not to disrupt the efforts of the fire department. New concrete will be added to replace the areas that have deteriorated. He continued, “It’s getting worse and worse. We’ve already been up there trying to patch it, to see if it was even patchable and it held for a while but didn’t stay.”

The council will have a called meeting/ hearing next Tuesday to allow the council and residents of Vinemont Estates and Vinemont Village to address concerns with owner Kevin Serra. Residents have raised concerns about sewage issues, lack of access to the property for emergency vehicles and overcharging on water bills among other issues. “This has been like this for too many years for something not to be done,” said one resident. 

The next regular council meeting will be on May 10 at 6:00 p.m. with a work session at 5:30 p.m.

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