‘Backstage Photography’ exhibit held at Brooke Desnoes Ballet Academy

Wall display of some of the prints sold at the fundraising event on Thursday (Sara Gladney for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Brooke and Vincent Desnoes held a “Backstage” photography exhibit Thursday evening at Brooke Desnoes Ballet Academy. The purpose of the event was to showcase the reality of the backstage world of ballet. Brooke Desnoes has been a ballet instructor for three decades, teaching in Paris before moving back to her hometown of Cullman in 2019. Vincent, who has been a professional photographer for just as long, has experience in observing and photographing ballet. Vincent posted a note as an introduction to his exhibit which read, “In a way, this show is an antidote to photoshop and Instagram. It is a reminder that reality is not a meaningless word and is far more fascinating than the virtual and anonymously scripted fallacies currently imposed upon us.”

Brooke said the photos were not planned or staged, “We didn’t plan it, but we just had so many great photos that were too good to go on Instagram and disappear, so we decided to do this because it’s a great tribute to the girls because it shows clearly the comradery between them.”

The Brooke Desnoes Ballet Academy has been in operation for two years. Their next show, “Cinderella,” will be on Sat., April 9 at the Princess theater in Decatur.

The event doubled as fundraiser and each print on display was sold for 20 dollars. Half of the proceeds will be donated to The Friends of Ballet South.