Chambers 1st Annual Fall Festival has strong first-time turnout

(Ashlyn Grey for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Chambers Farm & Garden Supply held their 1st Annual Fall Festival Saturday with over 50 total vendors present. The event saw a steady stream of attendees from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

First-time vendor Adeline Dinehart featured her business, Hart Designs, which specialize in 3D Printed Home Décor. Adeline shared of the event, “This is my first festival to ever get to have a booth at, and Judy coordinated all of the vendors. So, I think this is perfect to give people a chance and give them a good starting point. The turnout has been great.”

Selene Hagan from Quacky Feet Farm also spoke to The Tribune from their booth. “We are out in Nauvoo, and this is our first year that we started selling ducks. We started with our original four and from there, we grew and grew. Now we are about 70 (ducks) strong. We incubate them, hatch them and we raise them. We like to have our hands-on with them and we also have disabled ducks that we take care of,” said Hagan.

She continued, “We really take care of all of our ducks, and we love them. We have sold a few so far. We know Judy, and so she invited us to come out to participate. She had a farm day at her farm and that is how we have started to be able to meet people. Today is looking good.”

Mom & M’s Food Truck was also in attendance, with Linda Thomas sharing, “We try to stay active. Judy contacted us about coming and setting up here. The turnout is looking great. We are just getting started for the day, and we have had a few people already stop on by.”

Judy Snead of Snead Farms was the head coordinator for the festival and spoke with The Tribune, saying, “We ended up with 56 vendors. We had some cancel due to COVID, but we have actually had to turn people away. I had all of the vendors in place by the end of the first week. People were ready to be a part of it.”

Judy explained, “It’s funny because I am a city girl. I wore business suits every day and went to work. Then I gave up my business suits for country farm living and my farm has grown, I wrote a children’s book. I have met so many people. Chris sponsors me and Kalmbach sponsors my farm, and so, in addition for my sponsorship, I told him I would put on this. So, that is how I got involved.”

Chris Chambers, manager of Chambers Farm & Garden Supply, was between both the festival grounds and the store and took a moment to share, “It has been great. Beautiful weather and a good turnout. It being the first year, you never know what to expect. We have been giving things away and offering discounts in the store. It is about having something to do for the community, more than anything. People that have probably never been here stop and see. I had some ladies stop in yesterday that had never been here, but I told them about the festival, and they said they would be back in town today. It gets people back in Cullman.”

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