Bandits blown out in Good Hope

Eugene Bradford enjoying the event Tuesday (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

GOOD HOPE, Ala. – The Good Hope Sizzlin’ Seniors participated in a couple of spirited games of bean bag baseball Tuesday after enjoying a wonderful lunch with officers from the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office. After the Sizzlin’ Ladies fell victims to a brutal shellacking to the HasBeens at the last couple of contests, a new system was put in place.  Each participant drew a number to divide players into two new teams- The Raiders and The Bandits. 

Unfortunately, the new system led to an even more gruesome defeat as The Raiders scored 31 runs resulting in a fifth inning surrender from The Bandits. It was hard to tell if the Bandits were really that bad or if the Raiders were just that good!  

Previous MVP Mayor Jerry Bartlett struggled to get the Bandits going while James Calvert’s Raiders were unstoppable. Eugene Bradford managed to knock out four home runs in a row, one of them a grand slam, before his opponents cried mercy. The final score for game one of the double-header: 31-3.  

Bartlett proposed some new rules after the embarrassing defeat. For game two, a fiverunper atbat rule was put into place. It wouldn’t help his team, but at least they didn’t reach for the white towel for game two.  

Bradford continued his hitting streak finishing the day with four home runs and three triples, earning the title of reigning MVP. Bartlett said of the Raider’s slugger, “He has now earned the right to be on my team from now on.”  

The Sizzlin’ Seniors meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month in the basement of Good Hope City Hall.  

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