Cullman Primary School’s Culpepper finalist for national principal award

Cullman City Primary School Principal Tricia Culpepper (April 2020 Cullman Tribune file photo)

CULLMAN, Ala. – The Cullman City School Board met Tuesday afternoon, recognizing a high performing school administrator and passing a list of routine measures.

Tricia Culpepper in running for national award

Superintendent Dr. Susan Patterson opened the meeting by recognizing Cullman City Primary School Principal Tricia Culpepper who was selected as a top three finalist for Alabama’s National Distinguished Principal (Elementary Division). The award, given by the National Association of Elementary School Principals, honors “elementary and middle level principals who set high standards for instruction, student achievement, character, and climate for the students, families, and staffs in their learning communities. The program was based on three fundamental ideas:

  1. Children’s attitudes towards learning and their perceptions of themselves as lifelong learners are established in the beginning school years.
  2. The scope and quality of children’s educational experiences are determined primarily by the school principal, who establishes, through the important work of teachers and the support of caring parents, the character of a particular school’s program.
  3. The dedication and enthusiasm of the outstanding principals who guide children’s early education experiences should be acknowledged to both show appreciation for their work as well as to allow them to serve as models for others in the field.”

The award is not new to the Cullman area. East Elementary Principal David Wiggins was the 2020 District 1 Alabama National Distinguished Principal.

Council business

The board passed motions:

  • to contract with Jessica Williams to clean floors/carpet at CCPS during summer 2021
  • to contract with Lois Bice and Marci Watts to work up to 10 additional days during summer 2021 to prepare Head Start for the upcoming school year
  • to contract with Erika Lee and Kalysha Whittle to work an additional five days during summer of 2021 to prepare Head Start for the upcoming school year
  • to contract with Jenna Bates to coordinate Earth Day activities for CCPS and Head Start spring of 2021
  • to contract with Briana Bauer and Sashari Caretti to provide sixth-grade virtual content creation and delivery to virtual students during second semester 
  • to contract with Kylie Bates and Kim Dockery to provide virtual education services to virtual students during second semester

Personnel notes

Leaves of Absence: Amy Smith – intermittent Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) beginning 1/04/21 

Employment – Conditional Employment under the terms of the Child Protection Act of 1999, Act No. 2002-457, and pending certification, as applicable: 

  • Madison Wilhite – temporary Kindergarten teacher at CCPS (to fill a leave of absence 3/01/21-5/28/21 tentative dates)
  • Savanna Ball – Pre-K Special Education instructional assistant at CCPS beginning 1/19/21
  • Linda Purkey – temporary Special Education teacher at EES, beginning 2/01/21 through 5/28/21 
  • Danielle Akridge – Afternoon Extended Day Program teacher at EES beginning 1/25/21
  • Valerie Parris – Morning Extended Day Program teacher at EES beginning 1/05/21 (JV20-058)

Unused Vacation Days: Payment of unused vacation days to the estate of Jamie Sweatmon 

2020/21 Supplements: Jaime Burgess and Josh Clemmons – Ninth-Grade Baseball Head Coach Supplement (Split 50% to each). Supplement amount was approved on the 2020-2021 Supplement Schedule on 8/24/20.

The Cullman City School Board will meet next Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2021 at 5 p.m. in the central office board room. The public is invited to attend, subject to occupancy restrictions.

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