Javon Daniel passes 20-year mark as head of Cullman Caring for Kids

Cullman Caring for Kids Executive Director Javon Daniel (W.C. Mann for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – The Tribune recently learned that Javon Daniel, executive director of Cullman Caring for Kids (CCK), has quietly slipped past the 20 year mark in his service to that agency and to its numerous clients, and we want to wish him a happy anniversary!

Daniel joined CCK as executive director in October 2000. When he first came on board, the agency’s food bank- for which CCK may be best known- served an average of 10-12 families per month. In the last year, the average has run over 600 families per month, and more than 650 is not unheard of.

And CCK is not even a feeding agency. Its actual mission is child advocacy and the prevention of child abuse through programs like:

  • Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), which provides trained volunteers to look after the needs of children involved in cases before the Cullman County Court system.
  • “Kids Matter” weekly radio program that educates parents about many issues related to raising children and keeping them healthy and safe.
  • Other programs that have offered support and life coaching to new parents, teenage girls and women in the county jail.

In his endeavors, Daniel has enjoyed the help of assistant director Nancy Bryant, who celebrated her own 20th anniversary with CCK this year

CCK Administrative Assistant Tonja Grace said of her boss, “Javon has been at Cullman Caring for Kids for 20 years. He has made it known and shows the love he has for the community each day in everything he does. I have known Javon for many years. Back when I went to Holly Pond High School and was in the band, Javon was the bus driver for our band bus. I will always be grateful for all he has done for the community. Thank you, Javon, for a job well done!”

The final word

Around this time last year, Daniel told The Tribune, “Toward the end of the year, we would see kids come into the food bank in shorts and T-shirts on cold days. We give away coats. People donate coats, we give away coats. Why? Because the kids need a coat. It’s the passion, man. It really is. It’s what’s deep in the heart. If it’s not there, they’re not going to be successful. If you’ve got that passion, there’s a place for you to help Cullman Caring for Kids, to help these children.”

Get involved! 

CCK needs financial and food donations. The organization welcomes food donations but has a partnership with the North Alabama Food Bank that allows it to purchase food in bulk at tremendous discounts as low as 14 cents per pound for a wide variety of goods. Those who wish to help can visit CCK’s website or Facebook page to donate online or call the office.



Office phone: 256-739-1111

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