Unsung Hero: Nancy Bryant

‘If Cullman Caring for Kids was the song, she would be the lyrics’

Cullman Caring for Kids Assistant Director Nancy Bryant (Photo courtesy of CCK)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Child advocacy and child abuse prevention agency Cullman Caring for Kids (CCK) has enjoyed the service of Nancy Bryant for more than 20 years. The current assistant director joined CCK as a volunteer in August 2000 and has served as assistant director since 2005. Along the way, she has participated in every program the agency offers, and even started programs to educate new parents, offer life coaching for teen girls and prepare female inmates at the Cullman County Detention Center for life after release. Bryant also currently serves as co-director of CCK’s Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program, which provides specially trained volunteers to look after the needs of children in the court system.

CCK Executive Director Javon Daniel said of his assistant and partner in ministry, “She told me several times that the first time she came into Cullman Caring for Kids, she knew this was where she was supposed to be.”

Daniel continued, “She’s very talented; she’s more talented than she knows she is. She can put something together and organize, and set up something and get it flowing. She just has a knack for that. That’s the part of this that I don’t do well; you know, I don’t create stuff. Give me numbers and figures and people to talk to, and I do fine. But put me in charge of putting something together- a campaign or something like that- and I don’t do as well. 

“We’ve been working together now for 20 years. We complement each other very well; my expertise is not hers and hers is not mine, and it just kind of flows. But I’ve known Nancy for 20 years now, and I think she’s an incredible woman, incredible talent. She’s very personable; people love her to death. 

“I’ve always said if Cullman Caring for Kids was the song, she would be the lyrics. She is that unsung hero behind Cullman Caring for Kids.”

CCK Administrative Assistant Tonja Grace told The Tribune, “She has been a hard worker and is also my boss. When COVID started, she put her life on hold to help others. We both work at Cullman Caring for Kids and went from a crew of 13 down to four and worked nonstop to make sure no one in the community went hungry.  I have watched this lady work nonstop to help others. 

“We serve a lot of elderly, and when they could not make it to come into the food bank, this precious soul took the food to them herself without hesitation. I have watched her suffer and wince with pain, but has never complained. She is the best mom, wife, friend and Nana anyone could ask for. She is truly an angel here on earth. She works nonstop taking care of everyone but herself, always putting others before herself. We also have a Christmas Love project she works on and helps to make sure the less fortunate have a Christmas. 

“Her parents are both 87 and she cares for them as well. They are feeble and she makes time to see that they are taken care of. She is my best friend and has been by my side through it all, and I could not do life without her.  I feel like God laid it on my heart to reach out and make sure this ‘Unsung Hero’ is noticed.”

In celebration of Bryant’s birthday last week, CCK posted this statement to social media:

“To say this lady is important, is an understatement. She’s a mom, Nana, friend, and co-worker to many. She wears a hat with many roles. She jumps in ‘headfirst’ literally, in all she does. You might even see her driving the truck for the food bank. Her love for kids and the community goes beyond words. She loves nothing more than to sit and listen to the children tell her their stories and adventures. It doesn’t matter how tired she is, she keeps pushing to make sure things get done.”

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