The Man in Brown: Johnny ‘Cash’ Collins delights customers at his owners’ store

Jennifer Collins and Johnny “Cash” Collins at work at Jeweler’s Cut Jewelry & Pawn (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – An employee at Jeweler’s Cut Jewelry & Pawn is stealing the hearts of all the store’s customers. With his soft chocolate locks and soulful brown eyes, one can’t help but fall head over heels for Johnny “Cash” Collins. The 1-year-old labradoodle loves working with his human family, store owners Bryan and Jennifer Collins.

Cash has been coming to the store since he was a puppy, and according to Jennifer Collins, “He is the official greeter and attention hound.”

She added, “People like him. People who come in who might be upset; he’s just real chill and they feel better.”

The popular pooch was named after Johnny Cash, but, Collins laughed, “He is the Man in Brown instead of Black.”

Cash has a littermate who is also a working dog.

“Captain,” said Collins. “He is the special needs teacher’s service dog at Cullman Middle School.”

Unless Cash is at the groomer or the vet, he works at the store every day Monday through Saturday. Jack and Ike, Cash’s two rat terrier brothers, don’t get to come to work, but Cash’s laid-back nature makes him the ideal employee.

Cash’s “aunt” and co-worker, Candice Blevins, said, “The masks and hats- hats always kind of threw him off, but masks did a little bit in the beginning, but now he’s over it.”

Collins added, “There are some people that he doesn’t like their energy but he LOVES kids. He hears their voices and he’s out from underneath my desk to find out where they are.”

When Cash gets home after a “ruff” day at work, he is still at Collins’ side.

“Yeah, the bed’s getting a little small actually,” she laughed. “With the two little rats (terriers) and Cash, yeah.”

When he isn’t working or sleeping, Cash loves to play with his toys and run around in the yard, and when given a chance to run off leash, Collins said, “He cuts corners and throws gravel.”

He also enjoys trips to the bank and the pharmacy where he is often treated with snacks.

Smiled Blevins, “Cash is kind of a celebrity.”

“I didn’t know that until the chiropractor told me,” laughed Collins.

Jeweler’s Cut Jewelry & Pawn is located at 1405 Second Ave. SW in Cullman. Find out more at

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