2020 Municipal Election Candidate Q&A: Charles Wilson and Patty Nail Dean, Hanceville City Council, place 5

Charles Wilson, left; Patty Nail Dean, right (contributed)

HANCEVILLE, Ala.- As the Aug. 25, 2020 Municipal Election approaches, The Tribune is holding Q&A sessions between candidates.

In Hanceville, voters will be choosing new council members. Incumbent Charles Wilson is being challenged in place 5 by Patty Nail Dean.

Why did you choose to run in the 2020 race?

Wilson: “I am completing my third term and I feel I have another four years of good time to devote to the city. In these three terms, I have only missed one city council meeting.”

Dean: “The love of this community was instilled in me at a young age. My parents worked tirelessly in different aspects to enrich the city of Hanceville and it is very important to me to give back to this community by giving it a new voice, new ideas and my continued support. I want to see the progress continued here in Hanceville. I felt like it was a time I could do it personally and that birthed my motto, ‘Keep the Progress Moving.’”

What would you like to do for Hanceville in the next four years if re-elected/elected?

Wilson: “I would like to see more businesses and promote more businesses. I would also like to continue with the efficient way the water and sewer departments are running. We have the cheapest water and sewer rates in the Cullman County area. The advancements we have made for the water and sewer, I have been heavily involved. We have kept those rates down by being efficient and being good stewards of the people’s money.”

Dean: “I will work with community leaders, business prospects and and organizations to help our downtown and surrounding areas grow in hopes of providing additional jobs. I will facilitate the expansion of new businesses in our community, expansion of our residential areas with new housing and development and welcome new families, all while maintaining the integrity of our small town. I would like to see growth in general for our town.”

Are there any specific projects you would like to work on if re-elected/elected?

Wilson: “I would like to see more streets fixed and more drainage problems fixed in town. We are an elderly city and we have a lot of elderly people here and we need to help take care of these seniors. We are basically a bedroom community, and a bedroom community and the tax structure will not support a city. You’ve got to get businesses in here. The commercial properties are what supports a city. A bedroom community does not support the city. There is not enough tax structure there. I also think we needs to put more emphasis into our school even though it’s a county school. We need to put more emphasis into our school and help the school more.”

Dean: “I will step in being hands-on working for the citizens of our town and their needs. I plan to be proactive in business and residential expansions in Hanceville. I also want to work with the Chamber of Commerce to highlight the unique qualities that Hanceville provides. To facilitate a town that is safe for our children to grow up in and we are all proud to be a part of.”

Why do you think the people of Hanceville should vote for you?

Wilson: “During my first, second and third terms, I have missed one city council meeting. I think I have voted to be a good steward of the monies and revenues that come in. Being a Certified Municipal Election Official, and I’ve got the planning and zoning credentials, I feel like I am qualified more than my opponent. I am on the board of directors of Hanceville Fire and Rescue, Hanceville Quarterback Club, Hanceville Historic Preservation Group and the Hanceville Water and Sewer Board. I have completed 30 credit hours in planning and zoning at UNA and I am an Advanced Certified (Municipal) Official awarded by the Alabama League of Municipalities. I am also a member of the Hanceville Historic Commission. While serving on the water and sewer board, we were able to lift a consent decree and moratorium as imposed by ADEM, thereby enabling more customers to be added to the system. We also added solar panels, becoming the only sewer plant in the state of Alabama to do so. The solar panels save the system an estimated 50% in electrical costs.”

Dean: “I work well with people. My work ethic, beliefs and compassion are strengths that I will utilize while serving my community. Hard work, dedication, teamwork and communication are all strengths that are needed for the position and I am committed to giving the citizens of Hanceville my best effort if they will allow me this opportunity. I will always stand up and do what is best for the citizens and community of Hanceville. I love this town. I want it to be a good place for families to move into and for people to raise their children here.”

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